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Top Ten Cartoons of the Week – April 11, 2021

Here are our most reprinted cartoons of the week ending April 11rd, 2021.

Congrats to Bob Englehart who has the #1 cartoon. Congratulations to Dick Wright who had his best performance since joining CagleCartoons with the #4 and #5 cartoons. Also congrats to Dave Granlund who has two cartoons in the Top Ten.

And kudos the other cartoonists who had most reprinted cartoons last week, Pat Bagley, Steve Sack, Jeff Koterba, Dave Fitzsimmons and John Darkow.

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Bob Englehart wins outpacing the pack!


Pat Bagley takes second place.



Steve Sack wins third place.



Dick Wright nabs fourth place with his first to two cartoons on the Top Ten list.



Dick Wright takes the five spot with second of two cartoons in the Top Ten.


Jeff Koterba takes sixth place.


Dave Granlund wins seventh place with his first of two cartoons on the list.


Dave Fitzsimmons takes eighth place.



Dave Granlund snags ninth place with his second cartoon on the list.



John Darkow wraps up the list in tenth place.

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Darkow Decade!

Here are John Darkow’s favorite cartoons of the past decade! John is the staff cartoonist for The Columbia Missourian.

See John’s favorite cartoons on USA Today where you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image. John’s cross-hatching is very impressive in a large scale!  See the complete archive of John’s syndicated cartoons here.

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The NRA and the Republican Doggie!

Since the Orlando massacre there has been talk on the left about gun control, while the right seems unmoved by arguments to limit assault weapons or ban sales of guns to people on the “no-fly” list. It isn’t hard to see why.

I like the image of the NRA as a pig in a business suit – much the same image that I often use for Wall Street. The pig is a symbol of greed and the NRA is all about money and self interest around their gun issues. Here’s another one with NRA piggies that I drew some time ago.

and here’s another one …

My pigs are influenced by my old Muppet days and I guess I have a pig style that some people see as too similar to my elephants. Whenever I draw pigs in cartoons I’ll get an e-mail from somebody who thinks my pig is a short snouted elephant – some people must suffer from pig-blindness.

The videos of my drawing the new NRA piggy and doggie are below. Note that I ran into a problem with Photoshop when I tried to put in the image of the $100 bill. I thought using a $100 bill was funny and enhanced the message of the cartoon; it created a natural, visual focal point drawing the eye up to the money. Its all about the money. Photoshop blocks images of bank notes as a barrier to counterfeiters, and this has been a problem for me with past cartoons. In the videos you’ll see me struggle with this again. I use money scans rarely enough that I always forget how I worked around it the last time. You’ll see me struggle a bit and figure it out in the video.

Here I am drawing the piggy/doggie cartoon …

and here I am coloring the piggy/doggie cartoon …



Obama Sinking the Democrats

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Stinky Veterans Administration

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Campaign Financing

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John Kerry and Middle East Negotiations

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Obama Has Fleas State of the Union

Obama Has Fleas   State of the Union © Daryl Cagle,,President Barak Obama,dog,fleas,elephants,scratch,itch,politics,State of the Union,republicans, state of the union 2013


Hillary Clintons Testimony

Hillary Clintons Testimony © Daryl Cagle,,Hillary Clinton,Secretary of State,testimony,congress,Benghazi,Libya,Senate,best-of-hillary-clinton,benghazi coverup, benghazi inquiry, best of hillary clinton, hillary 2016


Second Term Transformation

Second Term Transformation © Daryl Cagle,,liberal,transformation,metamorphosis,Barack Obama,president,1st term,2nd term,second term,inauguration,speech, best of obama,obama second term


Hate Hate Hagel

Hate Hate Hagel © Daryl Cagle,,Senator Chuck Hagel,Secretary of Defense,Defence,Barack Obama,elephant,Republican,Senate Confirmation,GOP


GOP uernica Gray

GOP uernica Gray © Daryl Cagle,,GOP,republican,elephant,Pablo Picasso,painting,Spanish Civil War,fiscal cliff,congress