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Advertising on The Cagle Post

We value our fans and as part of launching our Hero Campaign, we’ve decided to extend an exclusive offer to our existing fans and give them a chance to work directly with us in new ways.

While most publications rely on advertising to pay their bills, has never offered dedicated ads and have depended on ad networks (which is like having leaches stuck everywhere). We don’t have an ad sales rep and we’ve suffered because of it. Why? Because has never really focused on turning a profit. We’ve focused on publishing the best cartoon website and we’ve been the #1 destination online for political cartoons for nearly 15 years. We get millions of page views a month and we reach up to 2% of the entire domestic U.S. population each year. Still, we don’t make much money from advertising and now we need help!

So here’s the deal. If you want to promote your business, we’re looking for a few Heroes that want to help keep our cartoons online and promote their business as well. This is a great opportunity to get really cheap advertising for your business to a national audience. Sign up for any of our Gold level or higher Publisher Hero accounts and not only will we develop a custom ad campaign just for you, we’ll include advertising in our daily newsletter which reaches over 100,000 people every day. That’s a potential 30 million ad exposures every month. Not to mention you get to use our cartoons too!

Learn more by reading about our Hero Publisher accounts!

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An Interview with the Brave, Egyptian Cartoonist, Doaa el Adl

When I was at the festival in St. Just, France I had the opportunity to interview Doaa el Adl.  She is a rare female cartoonist in Egypt, and she has been persecuted by  by the Morsi regime for drawing a cartoon that featured Adam and Eve, an opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to chill her speech.  Editorial cartoonists are very important voices in Egypt, with their cartoons routinely running on the front pages of the many, vibrant newspapers in a culture that still reveres newspapers.

I think Doaa is a hero, for standing up to the regime, speaking truth to power, and putting herself at risk in doing so.

Interestingly, Doaa had some strong objections to my own cartoons.  Here are a couple of my cartoons that she disliked the most …

136481 600 An Interview with the Brave, Egyptian Cartoonist, Doaa el Adl cartoons

Doaa says “Yes, Obama does that – but you draw him as an angel – he is no angel! He meddles in everything!  He wants to control everything!”

136415 600 An Interview with the Brave, Egyptian Cartoonist, Doaa el Adl cartoons

To this one Doaa says, “Obama is not like that! He is in there fighting with everyone, making trouble, trying to run everything!”

Obama has managed to make all sides in the Middle East see him as the bad guy.

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