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Top Ten Cartoons of the Week – January 16, 2021

Here are our most reprinted cartoons of last week (January 9nd through January 16th 2021).

The news was dominated by President Trump and continuing fallout from the insurrection at the Capitol, but as usual, no cartoons depicting Trump were popular with editors. Four of the Top Ten cartoons are about the pandemic.

Jeff Koterba had another incredible week taking the #1 and #8 spots. Dave Whamond also had a fantastic week, taking home three prizes for #6, #9 and #10.

Congratulations to the other CagleCartoonists who made the Top Ten list this week: Kevin Siers, Dave Granlund, John Cole, Randy Enos and Gary McCoy.

The Koterba and Granlund top two cartoons each got about twice as many reprints as the #3 – even so, we’re back to the normal pattern of the Top Ten cartoons dominating all the rest of the cartoons and the top two being extra big hits.

The Top Ten cartoons are what most readers see since only 20% of the cartoons get 80% of the reprints. Our Top Ten is a measure of how many editors choose to reprint each of our cartoons, from the 62 cartoonists in our syndication package. Just about half of America’s daily, paid circulation newspapers (around 700 papers) subscribe to

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Jeff Koterba wins the week with a late New Year cartoon.


Dave Granlund wins second place with a vaccine cartoon.


Kevin Siers takes third place with another vaccine cartoon.


John Cole wins 4th place with yet another vaccine cartoon.


Randy Enos claims fifth place with yet another late New Year cartoon.


Gary McCoy ties for sixth place.


Dave Whamond shares sixth place with the first of two cartoons in the Top Ten.


Jeff Koterba claims 8th place with the second of his three cartoons in the Top Ten.


Dave Whamond takes ninth place.


Dave Whamond scores again with his second cartoon in the Top Ten.

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Happy New Year

I love the New Years cliché with old Father Time and the New Year Baby. My New Year cartoon has Trump continuing to shoot himself in the foot, now and in the future.

Last year I drew old and new Trumps, dealing with Kim Jong Un – before Trump fell in love with Li’l Kim.

Here’s a New Years oldie with Obama continuing his struggle with a Republican Congress.

And here’s a George W. Bush New Years oldie, with his wars dragging on …

This oldie from 2001 was at the beginning of the “War on Terror” with the invasion of Afghanistan starting, after the World Trade Center attack.

It always seems like the next year is going to be worse than the last year. That was true in 2012 when I drew this cliff cartoon that would be apt today with the falling stock market.

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New Year Trump and Little Kim

As the years pass, some things stay the same.

Presidents come and go, but North Korea remains a pain in the butt. Things don’t change much. Here’s a New Year’s cartoon I drew three years ago with Obama and Li’l Kim.

I don’t think we’ll see a change in North Korea, but hopefully we’ll see a new president getting bitten in the butt in another three years.


New Year Obama with North Korea

158026 600 New Year Obama with North Korea cartoons


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New Year for Miserable Democrats

New Year for Miserable Democrats COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Democrats,donkey,wallet,universal health care,war,iraq,iran,headache,debt,party animal,wine,booze,drunk,hangover,congress, new year


New Year 2006

New Year 2006 © Daryl Cagle,,bush,gun,2005,2006,new year,baby,war,soldier,president