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Murdering Saudi Prince Cartoons

The Biden Administration is declassifying and releasing an intelligence report that concludes that Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman order the murder of Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed and sawed into pieces when we visited the Saudi Arabian embassy in Istanbul to get a wedding license.

Here’s one I drew earlier – but I forgot to send to newspapers, so I’m sending this oldie out like it’s new.

Here are some of my favorite murdering Saudi prince cartoons by the CagleCartoonists …


Steve Sack

Dave Granlund


Stephane Peray

Bart van Leeuwen


Gary McCoy


Tom Janssen

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Slap Slap

Here’s Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman slapping Uncle Sam around a bit, with the dismembered gauntlet/hand of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. It looks like Uncle Sam is just going to turn the other cheek.

While I was working on this one, I read news reports that Turkey’s secret recording of the alleged murder include the sounds of Saudi agents cutting off all of Khashoggi’s fingers, while he was still alive, during his “interrogation.” That left me in cartoonist conundrum – should I draw the slapping hand with all the fingers removed? That would be hard to read, and most people wouldn’t know the story about Khashoggi’s fingers reportedly being chopped off. I went with the fingers still attached – after all, “we need to wait for the Saudi’s to conclude their investigation.”

Those Saudi royals make life tough for cartoonists too.