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The Most Popular Cartoons of the Week

Congratulations to Steve Sack who has the most popular cartoon of the week and two cartoons in the Top Ten! Bob Englehart also impresses with two of the most popular cartoons. Kudos go to the other cartoonists on the list, Dave Granlund, Dave Fitzsimmons, Bruce Plante, Jeff Koterba, Bill Day and RJ Matson. Eight of the Top Ten cartoons were about the pandemic – that is the fewest coronavirus cartoons on the list in weeks! We’ve flattened the curve!

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Thinking of Michael Flynn

One thing I wanted to do in the cartoon was to draw the screaming Democrat donkey with a mask, and the daydreaming, pandemic-disinterested Republican with no mask. It occurred to me – what if I wanted to draw the elephant with a mask; how would I do that? A mask is supposed to cover your nose. Would the elephant have a mask the size of a bed sheet? Would his mask have a hose-like extension for his trunk? If I drew anything like that, would it even look like a mask?

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