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Heard Immunity

I don’t draw many crowd scenes, but the dangerous, maskless, science denying Trump crowds seem to be the story today. Here’s a detail from my new cartoon …

And here’s my new cartoon about “Heard Immunity” with a Trump rally-herd of COVID fodder.

And here’s the rough sketch. It’s crazy that people want to see the sketches.


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Who Lives in a Bubble?

Here’s my new cartoon about living in a bubble.

There isn’t much depth to this cartoon. It is what it is.

I get lots of requests to show the rough sketches for my cartoons, so here’s the rough sketch!

I thought I would add a few of my recent, favorite coronavirus cartoons!  Enjoy!

Rick McKee


Dave Granlund


Steve Sack


Peter Kuper


RJ Matson

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As vile as Roseanne’s comments were, I look forward to opportunities like this to draw something other than Trump! Here’s my Roseanne hara-kiri cartoon.

Here are some of my Roseanne-racist-tweet/show-cancelled cartoons! This one is by RJ Matson:

Roseanne has her defenders, among them our far-right cartoonist Sean Delonas:

This one is by my buddy, Taylor Jones, who looks for every opportunity to draw monkey butts:

We’re collecting more Roseanne cartoons as they come in at! Come look!