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Republican Infighting

Right now the House is debating President Trump’s second impeachment and a few, prominent Republicans have indicated their support for impeachment – a stark departure from the last impeachment that has split the Republican party.
The Republicans who are arguing against impeachment are described as cowed by Trump and fearful of their on political future and safety. I don’t believe it. It sounds to me like these guys drank the Kool-Aid and believe what they are saying.

Trump’s claims of a stolen election likely led to the election of the two Senate candidates in Georgia and Democratic control of the Senate. A few Republicans, like Liz Cheney and possibly Mitch McConnell can see that the GOP faces self-destruction if the continue to support their fascist fans.

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I love how the long, red tie has become a standard cliché for editorial cartoonists. It is much more fun the the big ears on Obama and George W. Bush. Everyone thought that Trump’s hair would be the thing that drew the cartoonists together. The long tie is even more fun than Clinton’s dropped pants and boxer shorts with the little hearts.

Trump is arguably more sexually indiscriminate and profligate than Clinton, but the sex issues don’t seem to stick to Trump as easily as they did to a blue dress.

I like the idea of the president tied up into a Gordian Knot. I did the same thing to Obama some years ago, and used it as the cover of my Obama Coloring Book – check out all of my coloring books at

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Republican Disarray!

The Republican battles for Speaker of the House make great theatre. Here’s my new one – a battle royale.

Here are a couple of oldies that I reposted because they seem so appropriate right now.

Knotty Republicans

137772 600 Knotty Republicans cartoons


Obama Knot and The National Lampoon

Here’s my new cartoon – Obama tied in a knot.  As I was watching the inauguration it seemed to me that Obama won’t be moving too quickly to make all the changes he urged in his speech – therefore, he’s tied up in a knot.  Not too deep, but fun to draw.  Here is the rough pencil sketch …

ObamaKnotSketch600 Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoons

I had to erase and think a bit to figure out how to tie the president into a knot. I was a lousy boy scout.  Here he is in line art, the way most people will see the cartoon in the newspapers.

ObamaKnot600BW Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoons

… and here he is in color.

Obama600WideColor Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoons

And here is the cartoon the very next day in my local newspaper (The Santa Barbara News-Press).

NewsPressKnot600wide Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoons

3634918376 16c64e4bc8 o Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoonsMy previous cartoon was based on a famous old National Lampoon cover. I loved the old National Lampoon – this great one is from 1973, when I was a junior in high school. One of my favorite parts of the National Lampoon was the Chicken Guts comics by Randall Enos – who I now syndicate as an editorial cartoonist!

Unfortunately, I don’t think this cartoon will get reprinted much, because it is name-calling-Republican-bashing, because it requires some popular cultural knowledge, and because it is in a vertical format, which doesn’t fit the standard hole that editors leave open for the editorial cartoon.  Oh well – I’m the boss here at Cagle Cartoons, so I can draw what I want, even if nobody else wants it.

125654 600 Obama Knot and The National Lampoon cartoons