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Dr. Fauci – Part 3

Here’s my new cartoon about Trump and Dr. Fauci. This has been an interesting couple of weeks as White House bigwigs have been anonymously dishing dirt on Dr. Fauci, followed by Trump’s advisor, Peter Navarro, writing an op-ed in USA Today bashing Fauci, making false claims that USA Today later had to walk back. Fauci’s realism conflicts with Trump’s push to minimize the perception of the coronavirus threat.

Daryl Cagle

Here are some of my recent, Fauci favorites!

Terry “Aislin” Mosher

John Darkow

Gary McCoy

Bruce Plante

Ed Wexler

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Dave Whamond

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Kick Me!

Trump, Li’l Kim, Xi and Putin are a funny ensemble. One problem with editorial cartooning is that we can only draw characters that readers already know from the news, and if the cartoonist isn’t a sissy, he or she won’t label the characters but really try to draw caricatures. As the world goes down the tubes we have more characters and more opportunities to eschew labels. Life is good.

This cartoon is based on an oldie I drew about nine years ago, featuring Li’l Kim’s daddy, Li’l Kim Jong Il.

Sorry that I haven’t been drawing or posting much lately. I’ve been holed up in my office doing annual bookkeeping and quarterly artists royalties.  ARRRGH! I have more to do. I’ll try to poke my head out of the muck more often. In the course of all the accounting madness, I neglected to post the grim reaper cartoon below from about three weeks ago when the story of the moment was the GOP’s ugly healthcare bill.

I thought I was being clever at the time – until I saw that dozens of cartoonists were drawing grim reaper cartoons. Great minds think alike.  ARRRGH!


Hillary and a Tempest in a Teapot

Here’s my new one. I was trying to stretch this to make a better tea-party reference to the elephant, but I decided, nah, it is clear enough. Then I thought of putting the GOP elephant in a Fox New t-shirt, and I thought, nah, it is clear enough.

Here’s a Hillary, Benghazi, GOP oldie that will probably never grow stale. Hillary is a wonderful character – I’m looking forward to the campaign!


Kim Jong Un and his Sony Hackers

The Sony Pictures hacker attack and the cowardly withdrawal of “The Interview” movie has been dominating the cartoons. I drew two!

A universal truth about evil dictators is that they have no sense of humor, so I suggest we mock the despots mercilessly. In fact, mocking mercilessly is really the only tool in my cartoonist tool belt – you know, if all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

My second cartoon was quite popular on Facebook, featuring Kim Jong Un and the entertainment industry chickens. This one reminded me of my old Muppet days drawing Gonzo’s girlfriend, Camilla and all her chicken friends.

Today we got the news that North Korea’s internet service went down. Not much of a surprise – and probaby only a dozen people in North Korea have access to the internet – still interesting. North Korea makes a target of itself, which reminds me of a favorite Kim Jong Un oldie I drew below, which I should take out of mothballs.

And here’s one last Kim Jong Un oldie:

History keeps repeating itself! See more great North Korea cartoons on!


North Korea Response

North Korea Response © Daryl Cagle,,Kim Jong Un,clown,bloody hands,kick me,propeller hat,stupid,Sony Pictures,James Franco,Seth Rogan,The Interview,Media,Hollywood,movie,cyber,hacking,technology,response,internet,hackers,North Korea


Hillary Clinton Banghazi Kick Me

148402 600 Hillary Clinton Banghazi Kick Me cartoons


Korea Kick Me

Korea Kick Me Color © Daryl Cagle,,Kim Jong Il, matches, fire, tape, kick me, uncle sam, world, globe, North Korea