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Trump Taxes

The news about Trump’s tax returns came out late on Sunday –too late for editorial cartoonist who come back to work on Monday morning.  I drew the first one on Sunday evening.

In the New York Times story is was interesting to read about how Trump lost a fantastic amount of money over a long period of years; his $70,000 deduction for hair styling is impressive; Trump’s big deductions for Ivanka’s “consulting” in addition to her salary is funky. It looks like there’s a bunch of fraud going on.

The next Trump Tax cartoon arrived this morning from Dutch CagleCartoonist, Tom Janssen.


This one is by Dave Whamond.


This is by Dave Granlund


This one is by Pat Byrnes


This one is by Bill Day

I’m sure we’ll get more later today. I’ll post the first ones here.

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TRUE Stupid Stuff 2!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons from the 1990’s – at least the ones that look like they could still be true. This is from a batch about government.


Tax Rain

Tax Rain © Daryl Cagle,,Income Taxes,USA,finance,government,IRS,1040,form,rain,umbrella,taxpayer,April 15, taxes 2013


Cartoons About Romney's 47% Flub

Mitt Romney is getting slammed by our cartoonists over a video released yesterday where the Republican Presidential nominee tells fundraisers that he thinks 47 percent of Americans are “dependent” on the government, and will automatically vote for President Obama because of the government benefits they receive.

Pat Bagley of the Salt Lake Tribune evokes the etch-a-sketch in his cartoon about Romney’s flubs…

Rob Tornoe shows how Romney can do no wrong on Fox News, no matter what he says…

The Hill’s Chris Weyant sums up the only message Romney seems to be able to stick to…

Dave Granlund see’s the Romney campaign as just one pothole after another…

Tim Eagan goes a bit existential with his cartoon about Romney’s continued pandering…


Election Sprint and Romney Taxes

Election Sprint and Romney Taxes © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney,presidential campaign,Barack Obama,Olympics,race,sprint,running,income taxes,IRS,election 2012


Mitt Newt and Jobs

Mitt Newt and Jobs COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Speaker, jhomeless, jobs, President, Massachusetts, governor, campaign 2012, income taxes, form 1040, IRS, class warfare, carried interest


Romney Tax Cloud

Romney Tax Cloud COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney, President, Massachusetts, governor, campaign 2012, income taxes, form 1040, IRS, class warfare, carried interest