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Cartoon Journalism in The Nation

My brilliant cartoon-journalist daughter, Susie Cagle, graces the cover of the current issue of The Nation magazine.  Susie does original reporting in cartoon form.

Most cartoon-journalists draw in an autobiographical format, drawing themselves reporting a story or depicting themselves as part of a story. Cartoonists often illustrate the work of journalists; the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartoons in 2018 was awarded to a cartoonist who illustrated the work of a journalist, something many cartoonists don’t consider to be either editorial cartooning or cartoon-journalism, rather it is simply “illustration.”

Traditional editorial cartoonists, who draw their own opinions, consider themselves journalists; we are graphic columnists – but original, non-autobiographical reporting by cartoonists is very rare. It is great to see The Nation embrace real cartoon-journalism.

Susie’s cover article reports on how hospitals are crippled by big-money monopolies at a critical time. Here are some excerpts. See the whole article.

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This will be my last batch of TRUE cartoons for my blog. I watercolored these for some reason that I forget! Back in the 1990’s, when this ran in newspapers, it ran in black and white and there was no color, Sunday TRUE. Gotta love color!

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The TrumpCare Cliff

I love those little lemmings who all commit mass-suicide by leaping off of cliffs in the Arctic. The lemmings metaphor is a standard for editorial cartoonists and I’ve drawn them a few times myself. Here is today’s cartoon with the Republican elephants running off of the TrumpCare cliff.

Gotta love those lemmings. Here’s one I drew for the “Arab Spring” revolution in Egypt …

Seven years ago when congress was debating ObamaCare, I drew this Democrat lemmings cartoon …

This is one of my most popular and most plagiarized cartoons, about graduate lemmings and unemployment …

I drew these lemmings in 2007 when we had the mortgage and housing collapse …

I’m sure I’ll be drawing plenty more lemmings during the Trump administration. Want to see me draw the new TrumpCare lemmings cartoon in real time? Watch the video below. You can watch it at 1.5 speed which makes it 150% more interesting!

And here is the video of my coloring the GOP lemmings cartoon in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq …


Better to let the Poor Suffer in Tennessee

I drew a local Tennessee cartoon today. The legislature has taken up “Insure Tennessee” again, after voting it down – the bill would accept a boatload of Obamacare federal money to provide healthcare to many tens of thousands of uninsured poor and would cost Tennessee nothing … well, nothing but pride; refusing the money means thumbing their tea party noses at Obama, and accepting Obamacare money makes the reddest of the red look like hypocrites. Better to let the poor go without healthcare in the minds of the knuckle-dragging Republicans who rule the state capitol.

To his credit, Tennessee’s Republican Governor Haslam has campaigned tirelessly to accept the deal – makes me appreciate the governor. It would mean free money for the state, but it’s still a long-shot.


A Cartoon That I'm Happy Not to Draw

I’m a pessimist, and I drew this sketch, anticipating that the conservative justices on the Supreme Court would strike down Obamacare this morning -of-course, I’m a lazy pessimist, so I didn’t actually draw the finished cartoon in advance, just a sketch so I could knock it out faster this morning. Some other cartoonists actually drew two cartoons in advance, anticipating different outcomes.

The Court surprised me and upheld Obamacare, so I’m delighted not to be finishing the drawing!

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Cartoons: Obamacare on Trial

Why listen to lawyers and pundits talk about the Constitutionality of Obama’s Health Care Reform Law when you can just listen to cartoonists! Our group of ink slingers have weighed in on Obamacare, and you can check out their opinions in our new Obamacare Revisited cartoon collection.

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