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High School Math

Here’s my cartoon from yesterday, about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

All of the cartoonists have drawn too many cartoons about school shootings. We have a collection of cartoons about the latest school shootings on – come take a look and focus your rage against the NRA.

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Bad Guys, Watch Out!

My “Bad guys, watch out” cartoon is a favorite oldie that I updated.

The recent shootings in Texas, where a good Samaritan with a rifle shot the evil bad guy, then chased him down with the help of another good Samaritan, seems to give weight to the gun-nuts’ argument that we’re all safer when more people carry guns, so I thought it was a good time to bring back this oldie.

I originally drew this one in response to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law that allowed George Zimmerman to kill Trayvon Martin – and to get away with it. The characters were originally saying, “I’m standing my ground.” The point was a little different, but not much different.

Now, I suspect we’ll see more people who are motivated to carry their guns everywhere, to be ready in case a bad guy comes along. I may be bringing this cartoon back every few years, as this issue never goes away.

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Police and Black Community Targets

The recent police shootings and the murders of policemen in Dallas are a horror. I think these police shooting horrors have been going on in probably the same or lesser proportion in the past, but now we see them on phone videos. More of a horror are the statistics for how disproportionately more blacks are in prison. My solution is to get rid of the racist laws that disproportionately punish blacks for drug crimes. We should see by now that the war on drugs is unfair and is more costly to society than the cost in lives and suffering of having no war on drugs at all.


I should apologize for taking such a long break from the last cartoon. I’ve been moving back to California. We sold the ranch in Tennessee and we’re back in California, hopefully for good.

I think the police/Black Lives Matter issue will be with us for quite some time and I should come up with some more cartoon ideas on this. I have to admit that this isn’t an easy topic. It is much easier to draw “Trump as a monster” cartoons. I like the black and white line art version of this one, so I didn’t do a grayscale on this one. Unfortunately, most newspapers take the color image and grayscale it rather than using line art when I post line art as the black and white version. Frustrating. Line art is more elegant.

Here’s an oldie on the same topic that I drew last year. This one has been getting more ink recently as it has been more appropriate for the week’s focus.

And here’s another one …

In the video below you can see me drawing the target cartoon in real time.

In the next video see me coloring the cartoon in Photoshop.



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The NRA and the Republican Doggie!

Since the Orlando massacre there has been talk on the left about gun control, while the right seems unmoved by arguments to limit assault weapons or ban sales of guns to people on the “no-fly” list. It isn’t hard to see why.

I like the image of the NRA as a pig in a business suit – much the same image that I often use for Wall Street. The pig is a symbol of greed and the NRA is all about money and self interest around their gun issues. Here’s another one with NRA piggies that I drew some time ago.

and here’s another one …

My pigs are influenced by my old Muppet days and I guess I have a pig style that some people see as too similar to my elephants. Whenever I draw pigs in cartoons I’ll get an e-mail from somebody who thinks my pig is a short snouted elephant – some people must suffer from pig-blindness.

The videos of my drawing the new NRA piggy and doggie are below. Note that I ran into a problem with Photoshop when I tried to put in the image of the $100 bill. I thought using a $100 bill was funny and enhanced the message of the cartoon; it created a natural, visual focal point drawing the eye up to the money. Its all about the money. Photoshop blocks images of bank notes as a barrier to counterfeiters, and this has been a problem for me with past cartoons. In the videos you’ll see me struggle with this again. I use money scans rarely enough that I always forget how I worked around it the last time. You’ll see me struggle a bit and figure it out in the video.

Here I am drawing the piggy/doggie cartoon …

and here I am coloring the piggy/doggie cartoon …


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Orlando Shooting

Such a horror. I drew this one quickly this morning. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

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San Bernardino, Guns, Republicans and the NRA

My cartoon today about the terror attack in San Bernardino, inspired by the interesting front page on the New York Daily News.

Standing in a crowed of bloody, murder victims while saying something ironic or hypocritical is a cartoon cliche that every cartoonist has drawn many times. Here’s a similar cartoon that my buddy Pat Bagley drew recently in response to San Bernardino …

This Steve Sack cartoon is probably my favorite San Bernardino cartoon – it is a response to the New York Daily News  prayer front page and the rejection of another gun control vote in congress, with a wonderful rosary.

Here’s another one of my dead field of victims cartoons about Bashar Assar – as fresh today as it was when I drew it some time ago.

Here’s another one where I used the same victims. I traced the same dead crowd, and changed their clothes to Taliban duds.  There was a story at the time criticizing American servicemen for peeing on the corpses of Taliban fighters they had just killed in battle. I got a lot of angry reader response to this cartoon.

This also isn’t the first time I’ve drawn the NRA as a pig. Here is a Cagle classic NRA pig cartoon …

Pigs are a wonderful cartoon standard; they are a symbol of greed. Here’s a standard Cagle piggy oldie …

Pigs and standing among fields of the dead are two of my favorite things! (Maybe that’s another reason why those Islamic extremists don’t like cartoonists.)




Tennessee Guns in Parks

Tennessee Guns in Parks © Daryl Cagle,,Tennessee,handguns,parks,park,concealed,legislation,law,bill,state,NRA,national Rifle Association,guns


NRA Madness in Tennessee

The legislature here in Tennessee is considering over 50 guns bills. It doesn’t deter them that just about everyone in this red state is pro-gun – that just makes them want to fiddle around with gun stuff all the more.

The pro-gun red states like Tennessee are prime fundraising territory for the NRA. It might seem that, where there is broad support for gun culture, there would be little need for battle in the legislature about gun laws – but no – red, pro-gun culture states are the homes of constant legislative madness and NRA fundraising.

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The Ferguson Wave!

Here’s my new cartoon, the “Ferguson Wave.”

Apparently, this cartoon is a bit difficult to understand; I’ve been asked to explain it too often.  So, here goes, as the cop walks by, the black folks raise their hands, and to the old ladies, that looks like they are doing “the Wave” at the ball park.  That’s all there is.  Nothing more.  Really.  Not so funny when I have to explain it, huh?

Here’s the rough sketch.  I figure most of the drawing out in the rough sketch stage, then the rest is just rendering.


Most newspapers reprint my cartoons in black and white, and I usually do a separate coloring job for a grayscale cartoon for most readers to see.  Here’s the black and white version.  Somehow, I think black and white is always better.




The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill

The two big news stories this week were the Boston Marathon bombing and the sinking of the gun bill by Republicans in the Senate.  Of-course, the gun bill got lost in the media focus on the Boston Bombing (we have a great collection of cartoons on the Boston Bombing here).

The problem with dominant news stories is that every cartoonist is drawing the same thing at the same time – why?  Editors all want the same thing at the same time.  Usually I like to steer a little different path then the cartoonist pack, because of supply and demand. There were just too many similar cartoons about the Boston Marathon Bombing this week, with bloody tennis shoes, bowed heads on statues, damaged Boston logos, symbolic metaphors breaking ribbons at finish lines – just what editors wanted, but too much of it for them to use.  I tried to take a bit of a different tack with memorial candles, and I wanted to avoid drawing something bloody, still, I’m sure my cartoon didn’t get reprinted much because of oversupply.  Here is the rough pencil sketch.

Bostonsketch600wide The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

…and here is the black and white line art, that most people will see in the newspaper.

130360 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons
… and here is the color …

130428 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

If I use colors in cartoons that are too dark, I get complaints from editors, so the color was a compromise. I’m not sure I’m happy with it. Oh well, it is a cartoon I was obligated to draw and the marketplace didn’t need – the story of my career.

The next cartoon was about the Republicans sinking the gun bill in the Senate. Republicans love their guns a bit too much – and that’s all that this cartoon says. Here is the rough sketch.

GUNsketchFORWEB600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

I found a photo of an assault rifle on Google and printed it out for my rough sketch.  For a moment, I thought about Photoshopping the actual photo into the cartoon – it would be a jarring contrast to have the drawing of an elephant with what looks like a real, nasty, assault rifle photo – then I thought about how Bill Day tried that and was pilloried by this colleagues, and my good judgement got the better of me. Gotta watch out for those gun photos, they can get you labeled as a “plagiarist” and make you the wallflower at AAEC cartoonist parties.

Here is the black and white art …

130550 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoonsand the color …

130552 600 The Boston Bombing and the Gun Bill cartoons

Ah!  Love in the springtime!


Mail, China, Immigration and More!

Here are my most recent cartoons! Here’s the rough sketch for today’s cartoon, a little snarkiness pointed at troubled newspapers. I drew the three characters on the left, and then took a piece of tracing papers to make some changes for the panel on the right, to keep them looking consistent.

sketch600wide Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons


Then I drew it up as line art, in pencil on vellum.  This black and white version is what most people will see in the newspaper – if newspapers will print this one. I always like the black and white version best.

126784 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

And here I added color, in Photoshop layers behind the black line art.

126785 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

Those young people are so disrespectful of Grandpa! Here is yesterday’s cartoon …
126723 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

My wife’s Uncle Keene e-mailed this idea to me, which he tells me was given to him by a friend who prefers to remain anonymous. I usually don’t draw other peoples ideas, but what the heck, I liked this one.  Thanks, Keene. Here it is as it looked in my local newspaper this morning.

NewsPress600wide Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons


I notice they picked up some gray scuzzy tone in the background. Yuck. Why do newspapers take pretty, clean crispy cartoons and muck them up? Here’s a previous cartoon, about the terrible air pollution in China.

126670 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

This one was fun, and it is nice to do cartoons with no words. The previous cartoon was this quicky for Groundhog’s Day.

126414 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

I didn’t bother doing color for this one. The previous one was about the immigration debate …

126386 600 Mail, China, Immigration and More! cartoons

Now I’m caught up!  I need to post more often.




Media and the Connecticut School Shooting

Media and the Connecticut School Shooting © Daryl Cagle,,guns,media,news,newspapers,television,victims,Sandy Hook Elementary School,school shooting,children,connecticut shooting, Education, gun debate 2012, school violence