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Trump and the Courts

Update 12/11/20 5:30pm: The Supreme Court just dismissed the Texas lawsuit. Good for them.

President Trump has been losing his lawsuits to overturn the election results. One last try is a desperate suit by the embattled Texas Attorney General, joined by Republican states and, as I’m posting this, 126 Republican congressmen. The Supreme Court is expected to decline to hear this latest atrocious lawsuit very soon, and that is the reason for my cartoon today – I’m anticipating a reasonable response from the Supreme Court.

I was flipping through my oldies and I found this SCOTUS gavel cartoon I drew back in 2000, showing Al Gore taking it on the head when the Supreme Court intervened to decide the election for George W. Bush. It seems like an appropriate image for today, presuming the court doesn’t make electoral trouble again.

Today I put Trump into that twenty year old drawing.  Here’s the sketch.


I like drawing losers getting bashed with the gavel – sometimes the losers are sympathetic. Here is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down gay marriage back in 2009.

Here are the four, gavel waving conservative justices of the Supreme Court, back in 2013, when I thought they were about to ban gay marriage again – they surprised me and did the right thing that time.

We can’t ever be sure that the courts will do the right thing, but most of the time they do. Gotta hope for the best.

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True Sex!

Here’s another new batch of my old TRUE cartoons – this time about SEX!


My Fourteen Cartoons on Marriage Equality – In One Day

Last week’s Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states had a direct impact on thirteen states where gay marriage was banned – including my new red-state home, Tennessee.  I drew Bert and Ernie celebrating as the grooms on top of a wedding cake with the flag of the thirteen laggard states, and a general version of the cartoon for fourteen total cartoons.

Tennessee has a lousy state flag. The three stars in the center of the flag represent the union of Western, middle and Eastern Tennessee, and the stripe at the right of the flag represents nothing, it is there for aesthetic purposes – to look pretty. There’s not a lot of backstory to the Tennessee flag.  The other flags are even worse. There is a clear relationship between red-states that reject marriage equality and poorly designed state flags. Take a look …











North Dakota


South Dakota


And a general, all fifty states cartoon …



Georgia Marriage Equality Celebration

Georgia Marriage Equality Celebration © Daryl Cagle,,Georgia,Marriage Equality,SCOTUS,Supreme Court,law,wedding,homosexual,LGBT,Bert,Ernie,Muppets,Sesame Street,wedding cake,flags,Gay Marriage


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