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Trump Doggie!

Here’s my new cartoon, “What the Doggie Hears”.

I’ve actually drawn quite a few Trump Doggies. I remember when Trump hired his The Apprentice contestant, Omarosa, in the White House, then he called her a “dog” and she bit back, writing a tell-all book.


Here is Trump as Putin’s dutiful doggie, when Trump was congratulating Putin on his re-election.


Here’s a Christmas cartoon from 2016 with Trump and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as Putin presents.

Here are some of my favorite Trump Doggies from the CagleCartoonists. This one is from Bill Day.


Here’s a Trump doggie oldie with ex-Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, by Ed Wexler.


Here is a great one from Taylor Jones.


This one with Trump and France’s President Macron is by Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams.


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Trump Valentines Candy UNCENSORED

Here’s my Trump Valentines Day Candy. I drew a tame version and asked my followers on Twitter (@dcagle) what they through – they wanted a less tame version. Somehow, I think newspapers will print the tame version.

The spicy version:

The tame version:


Knowing that newspapers have both versions to choose from, here’s an opportunity to see if your local editor is tame or spicy.