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Attacking Democracy

It will be interesting to see if the cartoons criticizing Trump will get reprinted this week, after president incited the violence on Capitol Hill.

Newspaper editors don’t like to print cartoons about Trump. I thought I would take a more “optimistic” view than most of the cartoonists who were drawing battered and bruised symbols of democracy – my democracy bounces back.  See my archive here.

Here are a couple from Jeff Koterba.

Jeff is optimistic too, at least if you look at his eagle cartoons in this order.  I almost started drawing the feet idea with them trampling on the flag, but I didn’t.  Maybe I should.

Here’s Bill Day’s battered eagle.

Bulgarian CagleCartoonist Christo “Komar” Komarnitsky drew Trump assaulting the Statue of Liberty.

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Trump Chokes the Post Office

President Trump has declared war on mail-in voting, a process that is safe regarding the coronavirus, but not so safe for the fortunes of Republicans who don’t fare so well when the process of voting is made easier for voters. Trump also doesn’t like the Washington Post, and by extension, the Post’s owner Jeff Bezos, who runs, which uses the Post Office a lot. Trump appears to be tearing down the Post Office so that it would lose the public’s confidence to process mail-in votes.

People ask me to show my messy sketches, so here you go. I printed out the USPS logo and taped it into place.

Here are my favorite, recent Post Office cartoons by the CagleCartoonists!

Adam Zyglis

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USA vs Mexico

Sorry to be away from doing the videos for so long! Yesterday I streamed my process drawing this one and you can see the whole thing in real time in the YouTube videos below. Here’s the angry face-off between the Trump-USA and Mexican eagles.

The Mexican eagle really should face the other way, but I flipped the bird.

The video below shows me drawing this one, from scratch, on paper, with a pencil.

In the next video I’m coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …

Yes! The beard is gone for the foreseeable future! (I know that is shocking – it’s still me … really.)

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Mexico Flips Us the Bird

I drew this Mexican flag, “flipping the bird” cartoon eleven years ago when the Mexican government was distributing brochures they created to give advice to Mexicans who were hiking across dangerous, unprotected border areas (they should bring a hat and lots of water to drink).

Today the Mexican public is heaping accolades on their unpopular president, Enrique Peña Nieto; maybe this is just what Peña Nieto needs.


Two Faced Russian Seal

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Edward Snowden

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