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COVID President

Here’s a collection of my favorite, new cartoons about Trump having COVID, starting with my latest cartoon.

The last day of cartoons were about Trump’s return to the White House from the hospital.  This one is from Dave Granlund.



This Pat Bagley cartoon made me laugh.

Ed Wexler’s MAGAritte struck me funny.


This Rick McKee cartoon is an early favorite with editors.

This one bounced in from RJ Matson.

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TRUE Health Statistics 2!

Here’s another batch of my syndicated TRUE cartoons about Health Statistics!



Digesting Health Care Plans

Digesting Health Care Plans COLOR © Daryl Cagle,,health care,congress,senate,house,medical,hamburger,food,poop,shit,health bill,republicans,insurance companies,HMO,AARP,illegal immigrants,lobbyists,big business,doctors,nurses,big pharma,health bill,donkey,democrats,democratic party,Obama


Digesting Health Plans

Here’s my latest cartoon. First, there is the rough sketch; here I drew it in hard pencil and came back to tighten it up with a ball point pen.

Next I draw up the finished line art in pencil on drafting vellum.  This is the image that most people will see in the newspapers.

Then I do the color version, for the newspapers that print in color and for the web.  I really wish I could do “scratch ‘n sniff.”