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Trump Book Storm

Here’s my new cartoon about the storm of books that criticize president Trump. There have been lots of Trump bashing books and lots of cartoons about lots of Trump bashing books.

Here are some of my recent favorites from the CagleCartoonists, about the many Trump bashing books. The first one is by our newest CagleCartoonist, Pat Byrnes.

This one is by Steve Sack.

The next one is by Dave Whamond.

This one is by Adam Zyglis.

… and Bill Day

… and Peter Kuper.

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Comey Clouds

There were lots of cloud cartoons after former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last week about President Trump asking Comey to “lift the cloud” of the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. I drew a cloud cartoon myself!

The Comey testimony was a TV ratings hit and I was impressed by how different the coverage was on CNN and MSNBC versus Fox News – that’s what led to my cloud cartoon, and another one I’m drawing up today.

Here are some more Comey cloud cartoons I enjoyed; By Nate Beeler, Steve Sack and John Cole …


GOP Glee Demo Doom

GOP Glee Demo Doom © Daryl Cagle,,elephant, donkey, jackass, republican, democrat, election, 2002, weather, sun, cloud, rain, happy, sad, victory, campaign, election, presidential, president


Tax Cloud

Tax Cloud © Daryl Cagle,,income tax,april 15,tax day,cloud,rain


Foley Scandal Politics

Foley Scandal Politics © Daryl Cagle,,congress, congressman, Foley, pedophile, donkey, elephant, rain, cloud, sun, happy, sad, election, page, congressional, scandal, allegation, e-mail, instant message, republican, representative


Bush Storm

Bush Storm Color © Daryl Cagle,,president, Bush, smile, happy, storm, rain, Iraq, smiley face, pour, cloud, podium, speech, campaign, 2004, election, presidential