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Attacking Democracy

It will be interesting to see if the cartoons criticizing Trump will get reprinted this week, after president incited the violence on Capitol Hill.

Newspaper editors don’t like to print cartoons about Trump. I thought I would take a more “optimistic” view than most of the cartoonists who were drawing battered and bruised symbols of democracy – my democracy bounces back.  See my archive here.

Here are a couple from Jeff Koterba.

Jeff is optimistic too, at least if you look at his eagle cartoons in this order.  I almost started drawing the feet idea with them trampling on the flag, but I didn’t.  Maybe I should.

Here’s Bill Day’s battered eagle.

Bulgarian CagleCartoonist Christo “Komar” Komarnitsky drew Trump assaulting the Statue of Liberty.

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Trump Knocked Out!

President Trump backed down and the partial government shutdown ended last Friday. Conservative and liberals both see this as Trump “caving” and House Speak Pelosi winning the confrontation. Here’s my cartoon from Saturday and the first Trump defeat/Pelosi victory cartoons that have come in over the weekend (there will be more next week when the cartoonists go back to work).

This one is by Ed Wexler

This one is by Stephane Peray, our French cartoonist from Thailand …

This one is by Adam Zyglis, our Pulitzer-winning cartoonist from the Buffalo News …

This one is by our brilliant, new Canadian cartoonist, Dave Whamond

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Media Bopper

The White House Correspondents Dinner was even more of a show this year as President Trump chose to have a competing rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Trump seemed to pull out all the stops on bashing the press, so I decided to pull out the bopper clown.

I almost did two versions of this cartoon, one with a media clown, and another with a normal looking reporter as the bopper. A few years ago I drew conservative and a liberal version of a cartoon because I changed my mind about the issue and I was assailed by some of my cartoonist colleagues who accused me of creating a new business plan to get twice the value at half the cost, by drawing two versions of cartoons while abandoning my principals.  I was tempted to do two versions of this one, to annoy my colleagues, rather  just for fun – but the clown version was better.

I’ve also been rethinking the way I draw Trump to be more how I feel Trump than how I actually see Trump, so I’m making him fatter, with a longer, bigger, bottom of the face just because the bottom half of his face is more interesting and when cartoonists find something interesting, we make it bigger. Big hair. Big bottom of the face. Big poochy lips.

Boxing with an inflatable bopper character is a standard editorial cartooning cliché. Here’s another one of mine from ten years ago …


New Years BITE

Happy cartoon New Year! I was busily drawing my New Years Day cartoon, with Obama going out and coming in for the year, and with little biting GOP elephants, when the news started blaring about North Korea calling Obama a “monkey.” I am a slave to the news, so I had to do a second version with L’il Kim. Here’s the GOP …

And here is the L’il Kim version …

L’il Kim may be a plague to the world, but he is a gift to cartoonists.

The “Father Time and Baby New Year” thing is standard cartooning fodder. Here’s my New Year cartoon from last year …

Back in December, 2012, all the talk was about the “Fiscal Cliff” budget fight in Congress; it looked like doomsday. I drew this one …

At the end of 2010 the house had fallen under Republican control, and it looked like the GOP was eager to jump into more war – instead, Congress didn’t do much of anything, and Obama got us into more war. Oh well …

At the end of 2008: Obama won the presidency, George W. Bush was out of a job, and my drawings of Obama needed some more time to mature.

As 2005 turned into 2006 George W. Bush’s Republicans had lost the mid-term elections, but Bush was doubling down on the Iraq War anyway. There was lots more war to come.

Back in 2001 all the news was the 9/11 attacks as our troops poured into Afghanistan. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


New Years Partisans

142436 600 New Years Partisans cartoons


An Homage to Gary McCoy

I ripped off our ultra-conservative cartoonist Gary McCoy with my new debate cartoon. See Gary’s cartoon below mine. I love you, Gary.

DarylBoxing An Homage to Gary McCoy cartoons

119770 600 An Homage to Gary McCoy cartoons


Cartoon for Last and Next Debates

Cartoon for Last and Next Debates © Daryl Cagle,,boxing,sports,Gary McCoy,Barack Obama,Mitt Romney,Fox News,debates,presidential campaign


Boxing and Watching the Clock

Boxing and Watching the Clock © Daryl Cagle,,Mitt Romney,Barack Obama,presidential debates,boxing,sports,watch,clock


Scott Walker the Champ

Scott Walker the Champ © Daryl Cagle,,Scott Walker,recall,election,governor,Wisconsin,boxing,blood


Congress Time Out

Congress Time-Out Color © Daryl Cagle,,Gabrielle Giffords,Gabby Giffords,Congress,Tuscon,Shooting,elephant,donkey,Democrat,Republican,boxing


Bush Osama Terror Bopper

Bush Osama Terror Bopper © Daryl Cagle,,Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Usama, Bin Laden, bopper, clown, toy, inflate, inflatible, baloon, boxing, gloves, Bush, President