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Heavy Spending

Here’s my new cartoon on the heavy spending in President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill.  I’m seeing inflation everywhere (except in official reports of the inflation rate). A whole lot of borrowed money has been pumped into the economy by Trump, and now Biden.

I haven’t drawn many conservative cartoons over the Trump years, but looking back on Obama’s eight years I was drawing a lot of cartoons that criticized Obama. Cartoonists like to criticize and with Democrats controlling Congress and the presidency, more of our CagleCartoonists, who aren’t know of drawing conservative cartoons, are drawing conservative cartoons.  Here are a few examples …

John Darkow


Ed Wexler


Bar van Leeuwen


Taylor Jones

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Keefe Decade!

Here are Mike Keefe’s favorite cartoons of the past decade!  Mike is a Pulitzer Prize winner. He was the regular cartoonist for the The Denver Post for many years. He recently retired and moved to Mexico.  See Mike’s favorite cartoons of the decade on USA Todaywhere you can click on each cartoon and see it blown up to fill the screen with a pretty, high-resolution image.  See the complete archive of Mike’s syndicated cartoons here.

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Trump Giddyap

My new Trump emergency cartoon is inspired by the pushmi-pullyu  character from Doctor Dolittle and is something of a cartoon trope. Cartoonists have all drawn this kind of thing before. Still, it is fun to have the Jack-ass be an ass.

Not much different from an old Nickelodeon show I liked, CatDog. I drew CatDog way back in 2002 when HP merged with Compaq.

Things don’t change much.