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Trump Book Storm

Here’s my new cartoon about the storm of books that criticize president Trump. There have been lots of Trump bashing books and lots of cartoons about lots of Trump bashing books.

Here are some of my recent favorites from the CagleCartoonists, about the many Trump bashing books. The first one is by our newest CagleCartoonist, Pat Byrnes.

This one is by Steve Sack.

The next one is by Dave Whamond.

This one is by Adam Zyglis.

… and Bill Day

… and Peter Kuper.

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TRUE Stupid Stuff!

Here’s a new batch of my old TRUE cartoons. I’m disappointed that so many of these are are dated and don’t hold up over time. I think the stats have only gotten worse in the past 20 years. I’m this batch, there must be twice as many taxing agencies, and the national debt must equal four times the number of grains of surface sand on Jones beach, times $2. I’m putting these up on and and I see that newspapers are starting to run them. I hope those newspapers aren’t counting grains of sand.



Twilight Saga and Girls

Twilight Saga and Girls Color © Daryl Cagle,,The Twilight Saga, Team Edward, Team Jacob, movie, entertainment, Bella, books, Stephenie Meyer, movies, Eclipse, teenagers, women


Those Frenchies Were Cussin' at Me

Those Frenchies Were Cussin' at Me © Daryl Cagle,,France, books,president Bush, NATO, United Nations, Iraq, Inspections, Saddam Hussein, dictionary, cussing, cussin', Frenchies, cowboy, hero, American frontier, triggerhappy, ignorant, ill mannered, pushy, jerk, war, weapons of mass destruction