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Top Ten Cartoons of the Week – July 10, 2021

Here are our most reprinted cartoons of the week ending  July 10th, 2021. Congratulations to Jeff Koterba who took the #1 spot by a wide margin and had the most reprints overall for the week.

Dave Granlund had an impressive week with three cartoons in tot Top Ten, and Steve Sack has two cartoons on the list. Kudos to the other CagleCartoonists who had the most reprinted cartoons this week: John Darkow, Monte Wolverton, Dave Whamond and a new cartoonist we welcomed to the syndicate this week, Rivers. Newspaper editors were interested in a wide variety of topics this week.

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Dave Whamond ‘s cartoon was most popular with editors last week!



John Darkow takes second place.



Monte Wolverton wins third place with this hot cartoon.



Dave Granlund claims fourth place with his first of three cartoons on the most reprinted list.



Steve Sack takes the five spot!



Dave Whamond takes sixth place.



Our new cartoonist, Rivers nabs seventh place with his first appearance in the Top Ten.



Steve Sack takes eighth place.



Dave Granlund takes ninth place with his second cartoon in the Top Ten.



Dave Granlund places his third cartoon on the list at number ten.

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Bath Time Cartoons!

As I drew my bathtub cartoon today, I was thinking about my favorite bathtub cartoons. Really. This is Iran’s Supreme Leader having his clean, happy time.


Bathtub fun is a cartoonists’ staple. Here’s my buddy, Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune with a Trump tub.


My bathtub favorite is this Trump and Li’l Kim classic from Taylor Jones.


Here’s what Chinese cartoonist Luojie thinks of how Uncle Sam manages his toys.


Here’s the oil bath-time of death from Mexican cartoonist, Dario Castillejos.


It isn’t really a bathtub cartoon, but Dutch photo cartoonist Bart van Leeuwen has a similar (but better) take on the same theme as my cartoon, at the beach.


Bart’s magnum opus is this beach cartoon about Trump and his wall. Bart loves the beach.

Now that we ended up at the beach, I think I need another bath. Here’s an old Obama favorite that could work as a Trump cartoon today.



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TRUE Sex 2!

Another new collection of a dozen of my old TRUE cartoons about SEX! Take a look below!



Ukraine, Putin and Obama at the Beach

The Charles Atlas comic book ad that is burned into my memory.

I collected comic books as a kid – thousands of comic books. The Charles Atlas ad at the right was burned into my brain. The ad didn’t influence me to exercise (I’m too lazy for that) but it motivated me to draw the cartoon above, with Obama, Ukraine and Putin at the beach.

Ukraine is a tough metaphor because we don’t really have any good visual icons or characters that scream “Ukraine” at a glance, so I’ve taken to depicting Ukraine as a pudgy, braided, blond chick.

She is wearing a bathing suit in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but I’m sure American readers won’t notice that.  In the drawing below, she is with caveman-Putin, wearing traditional, Ukrainian garb …

Here she is again, in the same clothes, getting robbed by Putin while Obama stands by …

Putin has his own traditional garb – he doesn’t wear a shirt.

My last Charles Atlas metaphor cartoon is below, from more than ten years ago during the run-up George W. Bush’s war in Iraq.  Things don’t change much as we’re seeing the media push war on us all over again.




Ukraine 98 Pound Weakling

153077 600 Ukraine 98 Pound Weakling cartoons