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Editors Want You to VOTE

Newspaper editors love nothing more than a general call to action for readers to vote. Cartoons urging readers to vote are among the most reprinted of all the cartoons. Here’s my new “vote cartoon.”

People like for me to post my rough sketches, so here you go.

I wasn’t happy with Uncle Sam so I drew him over twice. Lincoln and Liberty needed to be taller, but I didn’t redraw them, I just made an indication to remember to make them taller on the final line version. I looked at some photos of Lincoln and his dark, little eyes, so I changed Abe’s eyes, but I like the bigger eyes in the sketch better; I should have gone with the bigger eyes.

This Dave Granlund cartoon from last week is our most reprinted cartoon since we started keep these stats at the beginning of the year.

These “VOTE” cartoons are also among our most reprinted cartoons this year. This one is by John Darkow.


My recent VOTE cartoon is our 6th most popular cartoon of the year. (Here’s my archive.)

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Double Eagle

Yesterday I drew two cartoons with eagles. The first one is in response to the news of additional economic sanctions against North Korea, including banking restrictions that should put a crimp in the wallets of North Korea’s elites.

The next one is a Mexican eagle cartoon (the eagle and snake characters on the Mexican flag). Next to a weeping Statue of Liberty, weeping eagles are an editorial cartooning standard – so much so that we should probably avoid these cartoons, but when the times call for weeping eagle it is hard to say “no.”

About a month ago I vacationed in Mexico City with my family, staying in an Airbnb apartment in the La Condesa neighborhood which was one of the hardest hit in the earthquake. The scenes on TV look terribly familiar. It is a lovely neighborhood and the neighbors were all very nice; I’m not surprised to see the residents all pulling together in these difficult days. Such a horror.

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USA vs Mexico

Sorry to be away from doing the videos for so long! Yesterday I streamed my process drawing this one and you can see the whole thing in real time in the YouTube videos below. Here’s the angry face-off between the Trump-USA and Mexican eagles.

The Mexican eagle really should face the other way, but I flipped the bird.

The video below shows me drawing this one, from scratch, on paper, with a pencil.

In the next video I’m coloring the cartoon in Photoshop …

Yes! The beard is gone for the foreseeable future! (I know that is shocking – it’s still me … really.)

Edward Snowden

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