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This week we heard the news that the Attorney General in New York is filing a suit to have the National Rifle Association (NRA) dissolved because of massive self-dealing by the people who ran the non-profit, who lived crazy, lavish lifestyles on the money they stole from the organization. Here’s my cartoon …

You’re getting a special, advance look at this one. I finished it late on Friday afternoon. They way newspapers work, posting a new cartoon late on Friday means it will be old by the time that editors come back to work after the weekend on Monday, and it is unlikely to get printed. I’ll be posting this one on Sunday for the editors who come in early to put together their Monday editions, and it won’t be too old for the editors who don’t come in to work until Monday for the Tuesday editions. (I know – boring cartoonist wonk talk. Thanks to my brilliant, cartoonist son, Michael, for this excellent gag.)

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Here are some of my favorite cartoons by the other CagleCartoonists about the thieves who run the N.R.A.

Dave Whamond

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Triple Putz

With all the talk of “landing the triple lutz” at the olympics, it occurred to me that Trump is a “triple putz”.

I thought “putz” was Yiddish slang for “penis” with the meaning of “jerk” but according to the Google dictionary:

  1. 1.
    a stupid or worthless person.
  1. engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity.
    “too much putzing around up there would ruin them”

That definition is not quite what I meant. I told our Cagle cartoonists that we weren’t going to accept penis gags any more. That was quite a difficult edict to enforce – I’m even violating it with this triple putz. Putzes win, I guess.

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Doggie Sexual Harassment!

Celebrities and politicians are getting slammed with sexual harassment allegations from years ago. It must be the same in the doggie world. 

I hate to draw cartoons about crime. Cartoons about bad guys are usually lousy cartoons because they only bash the bad guys, and it doesn’t add much to the public debate to say “that bad guy is bad” in a cartoon. The sexual harassment debate is different because it looks like tribal loyalty “trumps” moral conviction. One accuser against Senator Al Franken, who accepts his apology, is a cause célèbre for Republicans who call the many Trump accusers “fake news.” The same was true of president Bill Clinton; Democrats dismissed Clinton’s many accusers as liars. It seems there are no tribes in Hollywood as accused celebrities are dropping like flies.

Here’s a cartoon I drew about Judge Roy Moore’s supporters last week. The air is thick with hypocrisy these days.

It may seem like sexual harassment hasn’t been in the news until now, when there is little else in the news – but sexual harassment is an evergreen topic with cartoonists. Here’s one I drew about Bill O’Reilly.

And here are two I drew about sexual harassment in the military.

Here’s one on Bill Cosby.

Here’s one on Trump and his infamous Access Hollywood tape.

And I’ll round this out with a couple of Anthony Weiner cartoons.

Here’s my Anthony Weiner infinity cartoon.



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