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You can learn more about this Ed Wexler Tucker Carlson cartoon and thirty more on our new Caglecast podcast: “TUCKER CARLSON CARTOONS” at

You can learn more about this cool Ed Wexler, Tucker Carlson cartoon and thirty more on our new Caglecast podcast!

Watch the video! We’ve got cartoons about tanned testicles, Swanson TV dinners, Tucker’s lies from the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit discovery, snuggling up to Putin and denying the violence at the January 6th insurrection –we’ve got a Cartoon Tuckerfest!

Cartoons are a great insight into the news, distilling complex issues into images. We have the best cartoonists to explain what’s behind the cartoons, giving their witty insights on the Fox News and Tucker, who we now know were lying the whole time. This is a great Caglecast –don’t miss it!

Our three great cartoonist guests on the video podcast are:

GARY McCOY, who draws two newspaper comics strips, The Flying McCoys and the Duplex in addition to drawing editorial cartoons for our syndicate and lots of other stuff. ED WEXLER, who is a brilliant caricaturist who worked for 30 years as a creative director at Disney. For 12 years he was a regular cartoonist for US News & World Report magazine. Ed is known for his caricature cover art for The Hollywood Reporter’s Academy Awards and Emmy Awards issues also for 12 years. And ADAM ZYGLIS, who is the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for The Buffalo News in New York.

The discussion turns into an argument with our conservative cartoonist friend, Gary, about whether the January 6th insurrection was even an insurrection at all, or just a pleasant day for tourists in Washington. We also have a close examination of Tucker’s testicles and Tucker’s relationship with Vladimir Putin.

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Here are a few more great cartoons from the Caglecast. Tune in to see them all, and see the cartoonists argue about them! And we really would appreciate your clickin g the “subscribe” button on!

by John Darkow
by Pat Bagley
by Bart van Leeuwen
by Adam Zyglis
by John Darkow
by Dave Granlund
by Chris Weyant
by Adam Zyglis
by Dave Whamond
by Pat Bagley
by Gary McCoy
by Pat Bagley

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By Daryl Cagle

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