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Gamestop Clubbing

I still had my Thin Blue Line flag clubbing cartoon from last week on my mind when I heard the new reports about Reddit and Gamestop. Droves of Reddit users coordinated to drive up the stock price of Gamestop, a poorly performing, video game, brick and mortar store chain. Big Wall Street hedge funds had been “short selling” Gamestop, such that when Reddit users pushed the stock price up, the short sellers had to pay for most of the hugely inflated price of Gamestop, and the big Wall Street hedge funds took a nasty hit.

That’s the Reddit Robot on the right, with extended arms to weild the Gamestop club.

I put a label on the Wall Street pig – sorry about that, I know labels are for cartoonist sissies, but I didn’t want to draw Wall Street as a bull this time around.

Yes, I know Wall Street has three fingers and one thumb on one hand, and four fingers on the other hand, but a thumb is really another finger if you take a broader view, so he has four fingers on each hand. As it should be with Wall Street pigs.

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By Daryl Cagle

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