Here is my newest coronavirus cartoon followed by a new batch of my COVID-19 favorites.

I’ve been getting requests to show my messy rough sketches, so here you go. This one is scribbled on the back of a page of CagleCartoons letterhead.

I enjoyed this cartoon from Gary McCoy. We’ve been getting a lot of COVID-19 cartoon with the virus as an alien. This is funnier.


This one is by our Greek cartoonist, Michael Kountouris. We’re seeing quite a few cartoons with Adam and God from the Sistine Chapel for some reason.


Here’s another nice Sistine Chapel cartoon by Ed Wexler.


This one is by Adam Zyglis. Editors typically prefer cartoons that are funny and that don’t criticize President Trump, so this one won’t get reprinted as much as the cartoons above. I’m working on a Trump virus cartoon now that probably won’t get much ink.


This one by Rick McKee doesn’t really speak to the coronavirus, unless you got it from your own butt, after someone coughed on your butt –still, it makes me laugh. Cartoonists love cartoons about butts, even when there isn’t really a reason for a butt.

As a last thing –when I do blog posts I choose keywords to help in a search. I thought the keywords for this post were particularly funny. Here are the keywords: coronavirus, COVID-19, President Trump, pandemic, empty shelves, Sistine Chapel, God, Adam, creation, aliens, Jack and the Beanstalk, health, medicine

The keywords make me laugh.

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