Here are my three most recent Corona Virus cartoons.

This is the most recent one, on the stock market drop, the oil price drop and the Corona Virus …

I actually like the line art better than the color version.

Editors and readers always like color or grayscale better than line art like this – but I like line art versions of cartoons best –without tone. There is something more elegant about line art, even if I can’t convince anyone else that line art is nicer.

My next cartoon has the Corona Virus licking the continental United States. Here’s my rough sketch. I looked up a map of the USA on Google, printed it and taped it into place, so I could get the shapes of the states right when I traced it with my finished lines. In the old days I would do things like this on a “lucygraph”. (These are better days.)


And here’s the final art …


Back in February, when the Corona Virus was only in China, I drew this one about the world freaking out …

That’s it!  Three cartoons today!

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