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Much to Juggle!

Presidents as clowns are a cartoon cliché that we’ve all drawn. They never get old. Here’s my new juggling Trump …

Way back in 2006 I also drew president Bush as a juggling clown. It looks like Iran and North Korea are still being juggled after 13 years. (I could have added quite a few more countries, but Trump’s four are most talked about at the moment.) Trump makes me miss George W. Bush.


By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

One reply on “Much to Juggle!”

Lets face it Daryl, Trump makes almost everyone miss George W Bush..

Only those still in thrall to the pied piper song are still a believin. One thing that worries me is that one of the few ways for Trump to still win a second term is to start a war with Iran. So far though they at least are not biting. ..

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