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Julian Assange Trapped

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was captured by British authorities this week when the government of Ecuador decided they had enough of him, and invited the cops inside tomato the arrest. The president of Ecuador described Assange as a “pebble in his shoe.” Assange was hiding out in the embassy for seven years to avoid being arrested, but he was such a bad house guest that the Ecuadorians were eager to get rid of him. Assange had sued his hosts, and expressed his frustration by rubbing his feces on the walls. It also seems to annoy the Ecuadorians that Assange didn’t clean up after his cat. I think that’s funny.

Here’s my Assange in a rat-trap cartoon.

Yes, he looks different. He grew a white beard and let his hair grow out, tied back tightly in a little “man-bun.” With that big white beard, I had to make him into a white rat.

Here are a couple of my favorite Julian Assange cartoons, from before the beard.

This one is a urine leaking Assange from Taylor Jones.


I love the simplicity and the odd angle of this Assange by my buddy, Angel Boligan.

I love this Assange by Kap from Barcelona.

By Daryl Cagle

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