I forgot to post my cartoon from week before last, about Howard Schultz, the prospective independent presidential candidate, billionaire and Starbucks magnate. Schultz threatens to split the vote for a Democratic party candidate, possibly throwing the election to Donald Trump.

The two legged Starbucks mermaid logo is so disturbing that I love to draw it whenever I can. Here’s the original Starbucks logo, that customers didn’t like.  See the evolution of the Starbucks logo here.

The logo was intended to depict the merger of two coffee companies, the original Starbucks and Howard Schultz’s company, Il Gornale that purchased Starbucks.  Starbucks has a nautical theme to go with the character of Seattle. “Starbuck” was the name of the first mate in the novel Moby Dick.

This two legged, merger-mermaid is nasty, which makes it great fodder for cartoons. I drew the mermaid last year when there was a racism scandal at Starbucks, leading the company to shut down for a day to do racial sensitivity training. This logo-fish-girl would scare anybody!

And here’s a new one!