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Trump and California Fires

Last week I drew this cartoon of Trump badmouthing burning California. Trump blames environmentalists and California’s mishandling of water resources for the firs.

Trump’s solution to our fire problem is to allow his logging industry pals to take out all the lumber they want from protected forests. There are lots of dead and beetle infested, diseased trees in the forests, but those aren’t the healthy trees the loggers want.  The larger problem is the flammable brush (or chaparral) that comes up to the edges of housing developments throughout California. My solution is goats. A zillion goats to eat the brush and leave the healthy roots to hold the ground against mud slides. Goats are a serious solution; they have been tried and have been successful in clearing large areas of brush, but there is no goat lobby and goats don’t make political contributions to the Trump swamp in DC.

Goats are cute, though.


By Daryl Cagle

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