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Melania Trump, the Media and Plagiarism!

I’m back from my brilliant cartoonist/journalist daughter, Susie’s wedding. I promise I’ll draw more cartoons. Really, I promise. I drew this one live on Twitch yesterday, about Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention in 2008. I don’t care much about this non-issue, but it makes for a funny scene, which is the extent of my take on this.

I know that the Donald is quite tall, but I feel compelled to draw him shorter, and I expect that the cartoons of Trump will grow shorter with time. Melania is a wonderful, goofy character to draw and I look forward to more of her! Readers might recognize my group of running media in this cartoon, which I re-use at every opportunity. I like the idea that the breathless media chasing down the next stupid thing is the same, over and over. In the video below see me drawing this one, and importing the media gaggle from a Cagle cartoon oldie.

In the next video below, watch me color this one in Photoshop while I chat with viewers on Twitch.



By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

5 replies on “Melania Trump, the Media and Plagiarism!”

Excellent, Daryl!!! But on top of the fact that Trumpet's motto "Make America Great Again," was stolen from Bill Clinton, I see a trend here that strikes me as ludicrous for its stupidity and its hypocrisy. If you want me to send you a video clip to prove it, let me know! (You have my address.)

You know Mr. Cagle I am going to insult you, not that you can be insulted, just like you insult people in my party.
You chose to memorialize that son of a bitch in the white house. I NEVER see you make any derogatory cartoons about that lying bastard or his "HEALTH" freak of a wife that has CHANGED THE MENU IN EVERYTHING THAT IS FUNDED WITH GOVERNMENT MONEY.
I never see you making fun of Obama or MOOSHELL, but I have seen you make fun of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John Bohner, and other Republicans.
How about poking fun at some of thos dumb ass's called DEMOCRATS……….

Bonnit try going to may 16, 2016 and you will see that Clintoon was several months away…..I have had my trump hat since March 2016……………… I suppose you are going to tell me that clinton said that very same thing back HE was running??????????????????????? Don't think so there either as I was a part of Clintons Campaign in Cleveland and did so for BOTH and I cannot remember Clinton saying anything like that. So, if you can find something that will jog my memory please do so.

I stand corrected it was in 2008 when HITLERY was running against OBLUNDER not in the 1990's

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