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This is Brexit day! I drew two versions of a missing star EU flag, a tame suitcase version and a flipping-off version for editors who are not so tame. We’ve getting tons of Brexit cartoons coming in and I’m posted a few of my favorites below.

I see that the missing star theme is all over the web today, so these cartoons hold fall into a Yahtzee or near-Yahtzee I’m sure, but this is the one editors will need for the weekend.

Here’s the tame version …

So … which one is better?

Here are a few of my Brexit favorites …

By Dave Granlund

By Arend van Dam

By Osmani Simanca

By Christina Sampaio


By Marian Kamensky

By Tom Janssen

By Pavel Constantin

By Patrick Chappatte

By Luojie

By Angel Boligan

By Marian Kamensky

By Hajo

All of these cartoons are available in high resolution to reprint at


By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

6 replies on “Brexit!”

I actually prefer the tame version. Makes it more clear that the star (the UK) is leaving for good rather than just having an argument.

All the cartoons seem to depict a doomsday theme. I predict that once the stock market realizes there is no real difference except Britain's independence from a bunch of tit-sucking countries, the EU will continue to wallow in its own liberal pigheadedness and Britain will prosper.

What I saw besides the flip-off, which was pretty funny, was a plank-walking Cameron, what looks like a Britain grave, a divided, directionless Britain, a boat that can't help but sink, a Scottish exit, and a dead Britain with a star-shaped Frisbee in his back ala James Bond's Oddjob. There were several others but they all seemed to spell doom and gloom for Britain and the EU. It may not have been your intention but it's all in the eye of the beholder, right? The old war horse women cartoon looks more like my prediction: No change in the EU.

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