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Fathers Day at the Creation Museum

On Sunday, for Fathers Day and my birthday, my wife took me to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, outside of Cincinnati. I expected this to be a strange excursion into a foreign culture, and it was, but one I was prepared for after living in Tennessee for a couple of years. That’s me below with an exhibit.

Here I am with an exhibit at the Creation Museum.

This is a kids’ museum with lots of animated, life-size dinosaurs accompanied by exhibits explaining how the theory of evolution is wrong, the Bible is right, and dinosaurs are not so many years old after all. There are zip-line adventures through the lovely grounds, an ambitious petting zoo, and lots of shows. It is a place to bring the kids. I heard the same conversation everywhere in the museum as parents explained to their kids, “your teachers lie to you” and “don’t believe what they tell you in school.”

The photo below shows an exhibit where cave-kids are playing alongside the dinosaurs, much like in The Flintstones. It was explained that, in the beginning, animals were all vegetarians and everyone got along with the animals. It was only after Eve ate the forbidden fruit (depicted as berries) that the dinosaurs and other animals starting eating meat and getting surly.


Many of the exhibits are organized as rebuttals to science, contrasting man’s “theories” with God’s truth, and offering alternative explanations to rebut popular misconceptions – like the notion that Earth’s geology formed over millions of years, or that canyons are carved out by rivers. One recurring theme is the refutation of the scientific method, since the Bible gives us the truth as a starting point and the truth is not to be refuted. We learned that “natural selection” is OK, but “evolution” is wrong, a distinction that they seem to think is very important.

There is a lot of space devoted to the mechanics of Noah’s Ark, with descriptions of how the animals all fit into the ark and how they were probably cared for and fed while on the ark (for example, all the animals were likely young, so they would be small and easy to manage). There was a giant replica of a portion of the ark, and lots of talking, animatronic Bible characters. Methuselah was particularly chatty. There also was a lot of space devoted to how long these characters lived and how Adam and Eve’s kids had sex with each other, and why that was no problem. Different times. The museum also had a nice looking mural of the Skopes Monkey Trial from 1925 – the good old days when the government in Tennessee understood that evolution was a sham.

Here’s a typical display showing “Man’s Word” or science on the left, and “God’s Word,” refuting the science on the right. Most of the museum has this theme.

An interesting part of the museum was styled to look like an urban ghetto, with graffiti on brick walls; a heading on the entryway says “Scripture Abandoned in the Culture Leads to Relative Morality, Hopelessness and Meaninglessness.” Much like the attendees at the museum, the urban area featured no minorities. Peering through the broken windows on a blighted building there were videos of middle class white folks doing terrible things, like discussing how they were considering having an abortion. This was the chamber of horrors for the Creation Museum.

My math teacher wife tells me that her science teacher friends in Nashville get lots of blowback from students who call them liars. She said the museum made her sad. There is a big sign on the front door of the museum warning that anyone who acts disrespectfully, or who wears a t-shirt with a disrespectful message, will be kicked out. This is no place to argue. The docents seem hardened by many encounters with disrespectful visitors in the past; they have a stern attitude until they discern that the person they are talking to isn’t arguing, then they open up and are quite friendly. I didn’t test getting on their wrong side.

The museum has nice pizza, movies with impressive special effects, and a cool array of zip-line adventures. Also, as a father visiting on Father’s Day, my admission was free!

That’s me at the entrance with a nice looking dinosaur. Kids love dinosaurs. At the Creation Museum dinosaurs introduce kids to God and science – the museum hosts Summer science camps for kids, where “Science meets Truth,” encouraging kids to enter STEM careers. God help us.


By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

19 replies on “Fathers Day at the Creation Museum”

So your message is that creation folks won't question their answers; so they're idiots. But it's ok if creation is outlawed in schools and evolution is never questioned because it's right? (And you pick the worst of the creationists as an example; it's called a red herring.)

That's really poor logic; a better solution would be to allow both to be considered and taught and tested and let folks make up their own minds based on the evidence. A science classroom or laboratory is an open site where anything can be considered and tested. The milli-second when one idea is not allowed into the discussion; it's not longer science but politics.

Both the creation museum and the evolutionist stranglehold are politics having absolutely nothing to do with real science.

And right now, it's the evolutionist and the climate changers and the environmentalists who are punished anyone who dares question their answers!

Love the tongue in cheek style. The scary thing are not the Dino's but the thought behind them. Guess they don't believe in global warming either.

As retired professor of EE,I would not expect anyone with this background to survive an Advanced engineering course.

if this is allowed to continue, we must also welcome a mini-MECCA ……. with burkas and all…… to include Saturday morning beheadings.

Wow, I can hear the closed minds slamming shut. When I was in middle school, we'd make fun of any idea we didn't like. Some of us grew up, and some didn't. 🙂

And by the way, NOAA just announced the end of El Niño in January the beginning of El Nina and the gradual cooling of the earth. But then, what does NOAA know? I'm sure heads will roll until they get back on the politically correct track?

Meanwhile good scientists are being fired and denied tenure for simply questioning the politically correct answers. Bias is an interesting phenomenon leading one to believe anything on the "right" side and nothing on the "wrong" side and it's the fatal virus in science.

Evolution is questioned all the time. For 150 years scientists have been questioning evolution and every other science. Correcting errors and trying to increase our understanding of the our world and the universe around it.

To say that evolution has nothing to do with real science is to display a level of ignorance that is frightening. The Theory of Evolution, like all science, is consists of making inferences based upon observations to arrive at conclusions and then looking for ways to validate or falsify those conclusions.

If you have better conclusions based upon the observations, then feel free to present them. You can formalize them in a paper; get that paper published and then address the questions and issues raised about your conclusions by other knowledgeable scientists. That's how science works.

You are a knucklehead, not a scientist. Global warming is real but varies from year to year.

"In May 2008, a group of climate modelers in Germany published projections that incorporated current understanding of natural cycles to make a climate forecast for the next decade. The group forecast that global surface temperatures might not increase much over the next decade, as cooling driven by natural variability offsets human-caused warming. After a decade or so of stability, however, the model indicates that temperatures would begin to rise. In contrast, the UK Met Office predicted warming beginning in a few years from 2009. Both groups, however, agreed that after a short period of negative or no trend in the early 2000s, global temperatures would begin to rise, perhaps quickly."

El Nino and La Nina are related to WEATHER. Weather is not the same thing as climate.

Yup, science has a fatal virus yet it continues to improve our lives. It helps provides us enough to eat. It helps provide us clean drinking water. It helps protect us from disease. It even helps us stay entertained and provides for us new ways of learning things. You might want to consider taking advantage of learning some things.

The Scientific Method is ALL about evidence, but as soon as someone decides to ignore evidence or make up their own evidence – or quote that "x number of scientists agree that," – it is no longer science at all, but politics. I prefer to keep an open mind about things some people call "settled science," because it never really is.

Okay. So far, from what I can gather, according to you folks Christians are worse enemies than Isis, unable to pursue higher education degrees in engineering and, somehow, going to user in burkas and beheadings. And you folks want to call CHRISTIANS idiots? No person of even marginal understanding could equate Christianity and Islam.
As for science, I'm all for exploration and investigation. But modern science cannot even come CLOSE to explaining organisms and systems that we've been observing for centuries. Science is constantly having to reconsider what it THOUGHT it knew just previously and you think science can perfectly explain processes it can't even observe? Really?!
Any kind of unbiased look at the science behind origins will leave you with a great deal of questions but unfortunately, we're not allowed to have those when it comes to origins. For all the talk about open minded inquisitiveness by the liberal left there seems to be very little of it in actual practice particularly as it relates to religion and especially as it relates to Christianity.

> One recurring theme is the refutation of the scientific method …

Seriously? You spent all day there and came away with that? Talk about closed-minded … goodness! In fact, Answers in Genesis actually teaches the exact opposite: "Furthermore, science comes out of a Christian worldview. Only the God described in the Bible can account for a logical and orderly universe. God upholds the universe in a particular way, such that we can study it by observational and repeatable experimentation (see Genesis 8:22). Because God upholds the universe in a consistent manner, we have a valid reason to expect that we can study the world we live in and describe the laws that God uses to sustain the universe (Colossians 1:17)." –

Pretending that creationists have a point elevates them, prolonging the pretense that there is any real argument in their favor. The only thing to do is to laugh at them. To paraphrase Mencken, we must respect your religion to the same respect that we respect your opinion that your wife is beautiful or that your children are intelligent. In short, polite fiction.

I teach creationism in my high school classes all the time. With my units on different world religions. We compare Creation Myths (the word myth used respectfully and appropriately) from the world's largest religions. This is where religious ideas belong. Not in the science class room.

Science in the science class and religion which should not be taught in any public school according to the constitution in a religion class at at a house of worship. Amazing how the constitution is used in some cases and not others. It is not meant as a menu. It's all or nothing.

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