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Trump Plants the Flag!

Trump looks like he has climbed the GOP mountain! Of-course, he is planting the flag in the elephant’s butt, and I thought hard about whether to drop the elephant’s pants. I decided not to drop the pants because I thought that would be too raunchy for the mainstream papers – this one might be too raunchy for them even with the pants in place.

I drew this one live, but I haven’t posted the video here. This stream was something of an adventure, as I continue to learn how to live-stream. I was experimenting with hosting other artists streams at the end of my own stream; this is a Twitch custom, when a stream ends it is a nice gesture for an artist to “host” another artist’s stream, so his audience at the end just moves on to the other artist. OK. I did that, and went out to dinner and an evening of watching the entertaining Republican debate.

When I woke up the next¬†morning, I noticed that the computer was still streaming, for 19 hours. I sleep in the bedroom close by my studio, and had sent out a live stream of my snoring all night. To my surprise, I had an audience of 20 people watching the broadcast of nothing, and I was picking up new followers through the night at about the same rate as when I’m actively streaming. My program (OBS) that does the streaming, had frozen, and turning it off or quitting didn’t work, I had to force-quit.

On top of that nonsense, when I sat down at my computer this morning I was wearing my underwear and the stream got a nice view of me in my chones. (It could have been worse; there’s a 40% chance that I might not have been wearing any underwear.) YouTube and Twitch selected a random image from the stream for the lead image of the video, and both selected the view of my underwear. Finally, I understand what happened to Anthony Wiener, poor guy.

By Daryl Cagle

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