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Local Smoke Filled Room in Nashville

Here’s my latest local Nashville cartoon from the Nashville Scene altie-weekly that is all over town. This cartoon came out on the day that the crazy building project next to my house in West Nashville was scheduled to be reviewed for a zoning exemption by the Metropolitan Planning Commission, the board of developers who generously grant other developers whatever they want in the way of ignoring city planning here in town.

The project next door was indefinitely postponed at this meeting, at the request of the “expeditor” for the developer who noticed more local opposition to the project than he expected. I expect the guy to come back with another request for a zoning expedition to build something still non-conforming but slightly less dense and onerous, so I’m keeping up with the Metropolitan Zoning Commission cartoons for a while. The project’s “expeditor” or lobbyist, is a former city councilman, Roy Dale – Nashville’s version of congressman who quits to make the big bucks as a K street lobbyist – here it is a former councilman lobbying his councilmen buddies and the planning commission.

Nashville can be sleazy, but you gotta love the hot chicken.


By Daryl Cagle

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