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Hillary the Commander-in-Chief

Here’s Commander-in-Chief Hillary! Back in 2008 there was a lot of chatter about whether Hillary was up to the job of commanding the troops. Hillary told a story about how she was “dodging bullets” as she flew into Bosnia – a story that would have shamed even Brian Williams.

We also heard a lot about how Hillary thought America would rather she got an emergency call at 3:00 in the morning, instead of Barack Obama. I drew a cartoon similar to this one in 2008, with Hillary’s medals, and I realized that in only seven years, many of the medals have changed, but Hillary is basically the same. Here’s a new, updated version of my military, Hillary golden oldie. Come see our big collection of Bill ‘n Hillary cartoons.



My Neighborhood Meeting on Local Nashville TV

Here’s a local Channel 2 news report on the neighborhood meeting at my house yesterday, to oppose a new housing development that is proposed for next door. You can see my rural, possibly soon to be urban, cabin and my big Steve Sack oil painting on the wall of my living room, along with a house full of angry neighbors.

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Hillary the Commander in Chief

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