Israel Cartoons That Gave Me Some Trouble

I’ve been occasionally accused of anti-Semitism in my cartoons criticizing Israel, here are a couple of examples.  I drew this cartoon below during the last Israel/Hamas battle a few years ago.


My critics claimed that the helmet on the soldier resembled a Nazi soldier’s helmet, because of the jag at the base that covers the top of the soldier’s ear.  I did a Google search at the time, to see what Israeli helmets look like, and they had the ear jag – still, Nazi helmets have a strong visual image.  I also got complaints about the nose on the soldier being too big.

The second complaint was that I put the Star of David on the Israeli soldier’s helmet, rather than the Israeli flag, which is a rectangle with the Star of David with a blue stripe above and below.  Putting the Star on the helmet implied that he was any Jew, rather than an Israeli soldier.  I guess I would have done the whole flag on his helmet, if I had it to do over again.

Later, when a bunch of ships tried to break the blockade of Gaza and were attacked by Israel, I drew this related cartoon and didn’t get so much criticism – maybe because I softened the shape of the helmet over the ear (his nose is a little smaller, too).


By Daryl Cagle

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6 replies on “Israel Cartoons That Gave Me Some Trouble”

You know what Daryl, you draw a stereotypical Jew with a large nose and put the Magen David on his helmet where the Swastika went on Nazi dress helmets, you’re anti-semitic.

Hi Daryl, I usually like your cartoons and this one is clever and unfortunately, partly true, at least in my opinion. I would love to see the Hamas dog’s head exploding and without shooting my foot…

However, the soldier strongly resemble a Nazi trooper. It is either intentional and then, well, that’s your opinion and in my opinion, very wrong and sad, or it is a proof of how strong Jewish stereotype are rooted in many people minds and that is even sadder.

Many jump with the “anti-Semitic” slogan and although I usually hate it and see it as whining, I must say that the latest events proved me naive. Anti antisemitism proved to be very strong and real it says a lot about the world around us.

Here are few points regarding the Israeli soldier maybe for future cartoons….

1. Not like Nazi soldiers (or the American army) Israeli soldiers DO NOT carry hand guns. It is very rare and only certain units carry hand guns.

2. The Israeli helmet is not like Harley Davidson helmets that are exact replica of Nazi helmets. The Israeli helmet is covered with material stretched on it and as far as I know (it has been 30 years) it does not have the ear cover. The Magen David does not go on the helmet but on the left top part of the arm (in your case it would be on the top right part of the arm) just below the shoulder muscle… 🙂 a bit detailed I know.

3. The worst is the back pack the soldier carries but I cannot blame you for that, you probably used to see WW documentaries and see those pack on soldiers. We do not carry sleeping bags or blanket (except the paramedic). We carry munition, mortar bombs, shoulder missiles and other things. A true to reality pack would be one with mortar bombs sticking from it and maybe a chain of bullets hanging out of it. Yes, it will look menacing but that’s what we carry…these are soldiers after all right?

Well, here is my two cents.


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