Vice Presidential Debate Open Thread

Since we have so many devoted readers with as many opinions about politics as our cartoonists (and since it went so well during the first Presidential Debate), here’s an open thread for all of you to have at it LIVE during tonight’s Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

To start the discussion, here’s a funny pre-debate cartoon by The Hill’s Chris Weyant (don’t miss all our great Vice Presidential Debate Cartoons):

Who do you think will win? Are you rooting for anyone? What do you hope they discuss? Will Biden say something crazy? Comment away below!

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

8 replies on “Vice Presidential Debate Open Thread”

OK…so I am counting on Biden to be animated…funny…and tie RYAN to the GOP…can you imagine??? …RYAN wants to be called Mister…not congressman…his nos are so low (in fact the GOP congress nos are so low) & he doesn't want the public to be reminded. DUH!

Typical old dog trying to beat up on the young pup with all the animated sighs and fake laughing. Old Joe showed no respect toward the challenger who was a little more than polite — backed up with facts and questions Ole Joe talked around without really answering!

No, Grey Owl, that was Gore in 2000 sighing…old Joe had more energy than the fast-talking but always nonspecific and frequently self-contradicting youngster who has spent his entire life, after college, working for the government. In decades of being a Congressman, he has actually passed one law. He has zero foreign policy experience, with no committee assignments. What Joe Biden experienced, Ryan has been studying up on for the past month….and it shows.

Conservatives will think Ryan won, but then they think Romney will win the Presidency and that Bush was a great President. Democrats will thank their lucky stars that people like old dog Biden feel no compunction in calling out lies and flip flops. Ryan got has ass whipped….Biden ruled. But right wing nutjobs are easily fooled.

Joe Biden did a very good job taking Lyin Ryan apart. Hope the folks in Wisconsin were watching.

NBC Ryan won the VP debate by over 50% and Biden received 30%.
CNN's poll results were Ryan 48% to Biden's 44%.
What have you been smoking?? Better change your herbs!!

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