Readers Angered By My Obama Cartoon

I was inspired to draw this cartoon by President Obama’s recent television ad campaign in Pakistan, designed to quell the riots that seemed to be in response to a video that some nut posted on Youtube.  I thought the ad campaign was ridiculous, and Obama’s constant, never-ending re-affirmations of his respect for Islam are as tiresome as they are ineffective in making the Pakistanis love us more.  Considering the president as the source of the message and considering our cultural differences, this simply isn’t a message that will work with the Pakistani audience – that is the point of the cartoon.

It seems our readers’ comments focused more on my Obama-bashing, and the fact that I gave the president boobs.  Yes, Obama is indeed dressed inappropriately to be promoting Islam, again, that’s the point.  Our conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy sent this comment:

“Intended or not, very interesting social science experiment, Daryl. You do a rare “conservative” cartoon, and though you get swarms of negative feedback, none of it contains the kind of hateful vitriol your usual left-leaning pals reserve for Eric Allie and me. Kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone though. Oh, and thanks for getting me hate-posts on a day when I didn’t even do a cartoon. I was feeling lonely there for a minute.”

The mail and the comments seemed pretty angry to me; here are some  examples …

Steven Dinero: Nope, doesnt work on so many levels. Sorry.

JaJa888: I thought Mr. Cagle was a liberal. I really hope that this is sarcasm, because otherwise the propaganda is getting to him…

Kevin Mystic-Rose Rosenthal: Pandering to the radical nut jobs. Is that your intent?

Cora Elizabeth Mason: I do not like it. It is insulting to the POTUS, not good at all, and why make him breasts?

Lissa Albert: Dems will hate it (as is evidenced here) and many will see the caustic humoreality of it. I happen to think this is brilliantly edgy!

Susan J Frary: I find it offensive. I also think it is not based on any facts, but on false perceptions. President Obama is working hard to develop peaceful relationships with many in the Middle East – failing to offend them is not easy. That is why it is called DIPLOMACY.

Rob McGrath: Not sure why his boobs are bigger than his ears.

Diane Hargreaves Talbot: You’d waste your chutzpah on this tripe? Really? Cagle? Who are you and what have you done with Daryl Cagle? Totally incendiary and inappropriate and wrong. Yuck.

Sue Hulett: Maybe you should go read his UN speech again. You seem to have misread it, or else you really are just an ass hat.

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By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the publisher of and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc, which which is a major distributor of editorial cartoons and columns to newspapers and digital publishers. See Daryl's blog at:, see his site at: get permission to reprint his cartoons at:

57 replies on “Readers Angered By My Obama Cartoon”

Actually this cartoon highlights one of Obamas worst qualities, that he's trying to appease the Muslims instead of being a President and dealing head-long with the problem presented by Islams intractability and unending desire to subjugate ALL infidels. According to their religion, if you're not Muslim, then you're an infidel.

Spot on! Hilarious! I give it three thumbs up!

But seriously, the TV ads in Pakistan by POTUS and SOS are mis-guided and will not work. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is anything we can do to appease these people. To quote the movie Independence Day, POTUS: “What do you want us to do?” Alien: “DIE!

While I am aware you are conservative (one need only to look at who is invited to blog), this one goes too far. I agree with Susan McCrary (I think thta's her name) who notes that Obama is engaging in diplomacy in a very tricky situation, and it isn't helped by a chorus of Bronx cheers. Too exaggerated. Also, dressing men as female cheerleaders (with a skirt) is a conventional move, but with breasts? AGain, too much exaggeration. I understand that cartooning is inherently disrespctful, but this one is over the top, which undercuts its resonance.

Your lack of taste is only exceeded by your lack of judgment. An unacceptable insult to both the President and the Office of the President of the United States.

i do find your work funny, insightful and most of the time thoughtful. this cartoon was a bit over the top. diplomacy is never easy and there are many in the US that shoot first and then ask why everyone hates us. it's not an easy job being diplomatic and still try to please your countrymen/women, especially during an election year. again, i like your work, but this one is, since you are asking, too much especially considering that four people were killed…trying to quiet the "mob" is never easy and the least colorful and heroic to a public that is used to movies and tv shows of violence to solve their problems.

Me Knuckledragger. Me agree with McCoy. Happy to see rare dig on "O". The boobs are a great touch. Illustrate those he has working with him.

I like it – made me laugh out loud, which makes a longer lasting impression, at least on me. Couldn't believe it was drawn by you and had to do a double take. Then I thought you were experiencing a conservative epiphany and had finally started to see the moderate light! Take a walk on the "right side of the tracks" for a while. It's always a good idea get "fresh" take and adjust your pov every now and then.

That's the problem It is no joke. It is the 0'bomb philosophy about mooooooslims since he illegallly took office and has laughed in the face of the general public by presenting a birth certificate that even the American Kennel Club would not accept.

I get the point, but a little off-putting for me. I may not like it, but will defind your write to print it!

Are you really as stupid as you sound? And, by the way, there is nothing patriotic about the tea party that we can see. Get off your duff and try being a real citizen.

When you say "illegally" took office, you mean like using a false list of "felons" that voted in FL, and those "Felon's" were all Democrats, and purchased that list from Choice Point a donor to the Bush Campaign, and a State Attorney General for Bush's brother did not verify the list and cast out the 50K ballots, thus allowing Rhenquist to award the state of FL and it's delegates to Bush when in fact he lost the state? And you call yourself a Patriot. Sounds like you Love your Party and not your Country.

I didn't need it explained; it made perfect sense to me. Cagle's explanation was directed at those who didn't get it in the first place.

Kinda dumb. I was confused and then I chuckled a little. I saw it as a humorous take on how the extreme right is trying to portray Obama. The breasts *are* a little disturbing.

We can clearly see your swinging 'Republican' balls. Ever heard of telling the truth and not a lie!!!

Right on. It is almost as much fun as reading the comments from the intellectual snobs on the left.

The falure of Americans to undersand non American cultures and way of thought, is an age old problem, not limited to Obama, or rather common to most American presidents, be it a republican or a democrat. In fact common to most Americans wherever they are.
I'm not American, but I met my fare share, and I see the wonders of American diplomacy through the years. So I see your point Daryl, but I think you failed to deliver this point and that's the main reason so many people are angry. I wouldn't have understood the cartoon without your explenation, and it was meant to be understood on its own.

The problem Mr Cagle is that if you didn't know about the adverts in Pakistan you would this was just a ridiculous cartoon playing in the Obama's a Muslim or at best an apologist for radical Islam (given all of the recent bs about the movie trailer or cartoons.

As there is noting offense in the comments I tried to submit, it would be interesting to know why they were blocked?

I generally like your humor and cartooning skills but I can certainly see why this caricature of President Obama would offend, even though I read your rationale behind it. I agree with those who don't think this one works but keep up the good work.

So you curse the POTUS for lighting a candle in the dark. I suppose you would prefer that he personally ignore the situation and the Pakistanis. No, then you or others would lynch him on paper for saying nothing, or not doing as much as he could.

Cagle, maybe you should have substituted the ad's text in English for your toon, or included it in your commentary so that we could also make up our own minds on POTUS's efforts, instead of having us focus on this disrespectful sexual identity attack presenting President Obama as a pu$$y. Congradulations on going to the other side, the dark/negative side, with this cheap shot.

Cagle, you just as easily could have shown President Obama as a dejected male cheerleader before a stand of booing or mangos throwing Pakistanis’, and thus more accurately relayed the concept you say you were trying to convey. You certainly didn't hit the mark with this one. Cagle, you deserve LOSER marks for the poorly developed concept of this toon, & for your own sake you need to figure out why you fixated on it the way you did.

But I still like your work in general and appreciate receiving your e-toon-column. Many thanks for presenting many good toons from an array of talented artists and satirists.

I think the President is correct in extending an olive branch to the Muslims. Here is why:
1.) Even if the offended party won't accept it, the high ground always goes to the party who tries to smooth ruffled feathers. Force is always available; it need not be the first tool used.
2.) The uber-conservatives hate all Muslims, failing to acknowledge that most are not radical, and are peace loving. We don't need the liberal side joining them in this error. Never forget that the radical Muslims are killing their own Muslim people in huge numbers. Why? Because the majority of Muslims don't go along with the message and actions of the radicals. So why do we insist on painting all Muslims with the same brush? If one party is killing another party, that should tell us they are not the same! But we have many who say, "We can't tell which is which, so kill them all and let God sort it out!" This smacks of the same radicalism we are opposing. Should we turn all 2 Billion Muslims against us by painting every one of them with the same brush?
3.) Trying peaceful options is not a sign of weakness IF one is willing to use forceful options after exhausting the peaceful ones. Insisting that force should be the first and ONLY option is a sign of weakness — mental weakness.

I am not a pacifist. We may face a time when we need to thoroughly clean house on radical Muslims in America and in other countries. I find it intolerable for Muslim immigrants to come into our country — whose hallmark is freedom of religion — and for them then to try to intimidate us into their religious intolerance.

When we are threatened with death for our beliefs, then we must respond. But our threatening them with death for their religious beliefs (painting them all with the same religious brush) is not the answer. That brings religious war to the shores of America — Christians versus Muslims, and may the nastiest win.

Any immigrant Muslim in America that carries a sign saying "Death to Infidels" needs to be immediately arrested and deported. Any citizen Muslim that does the same needs to be arrested for inciting violence. And perhaps we need a mechanism for revoking citizenship for treasonous actions?

But I place far more faith in Obama's approach to non-radical and radical Muslims than I did (or do) in the way that we are currently embroiled in Iraq and Afghanistan.




The cartoon is over the top but that's just artistic license. There's a lot of truth in it because Obama is so naive he thinks an apology and a hug will appease Islam. He really is 'way out of his league. The only way to deal with terrorists is to terrorize them. Reagan bombed Libya and Kadhafi wasn't heard from again as a terrorist. If Obama gets back in again there will be rejoicing all over the middle east. Will 4 more years bring a holocaust? I hope not but maybe…

Mr. Obama is an insult to the office of POTUS!! The things he has done that no other president has done is shameful and I cannot wait to vote him out of office!!

My original 3 paragraph post and a second try of the first two paragrqphs (thinking the post was too long) of roughly an hour prior to this comment, were blocked.

On removing the word: [email protected], following Pakistani in two paragraphs, and disguising the P word as "pu$$y" in the third paragraph, each of the paragraphs was accepted.

This is despite the fact the cartoon uses the [email protected] word in its balloon, and at least one other comment also used it.
Also odd is the fact that Cagle can depict the president's face on a female body, but its not acceptable for a comment using the pu$$y word.

What;s happening to our freedom of speech on this site?

Are you serious? I'm so disappointed in you. I thought you had much more intelligence. Boy was I ever wrong and I have lost all respect I have ever had for you.

Okay then, but you are supporting Romney – who is Mormon – who believes if you are not Mormon on judgement day and if you do not accept it you will be going to hell. So do you accept that belief???

Really???? But yet did you agree to Bush invading Iraq and killing so many innocent civilians? For What???

I'd like to know just what's wrong with telling our allies that one bigoted nutcase does not speak for the entire USA? The guy who made the film did it deliberately, in order to stir up trouble. That's obvious from the fact that the actors involved said their dialog was altered to say offensive things they never said while filming. So, are we supposed to embrace and support anyone who's American even if they play into the hands of the radicals and it results in the death of US citizens?

Most people in the Middle East just want to live a decent, peaceful life. The radical jihadis are in the minority, but they're constantly looking for things to stir people up and get them over to their side. If we're smart, we let the ordinary people know our government isn't against them. Like, DOH! Are we supposed to say, Sure, believe the jihadis, we don't care?

Ordinary people also want to know we have some respect for their deepest beliefs.. Why shouldn't they? Americans want that too. We have that in common, so why can't we just relate as people? If our kid insults someone, we give the kid a talking-to and apologize to the person they insulted. It can work between neighbors, it can work between nations.

How do I know what middle Eastern people think? I worked there and I have lots of friends who keep me posted. So I'm not just imagining things, I have sources. Which is more than some hate-mongers have. And yes, I've read the Koran (in translation). It basically says leave people be if they don't have the same beliefs as you, but if they attack Islam, then you should fight them. The same way we think about our country.

I saw recently that it costs 60 (sixty! ) times as much to have a war as to prevent one with diplomacy. But over half our budget goes to military things. Over half! And this Congress cut money for peace-making initiatives. Like, save a penny, lose a dollar?

Apparently DAVID FARRELL you don't understand Islam nor Christianity. One is told to love their enemies, the other is told to kill them. Check out the Bible and the Koran. I think I'd pick someone who was willing to die for me instead of kill me.

SHAME ON YOU! with AIPAC doing everything in their power to stir up anti-Obama, pro"Jewish victims" sentiments , you have helped them even more!!!

The problem is humor (?0 does get people killed. Some situations need to be left alone. As a veteran of two wars these thing do endanger troops on the ground!!!!

I wasn't angry, I thought it was right on. Thank you for pointing out where he really stands.

Nope, I don't but, at the moment I don't know of any Mormons who want to exterminate those of us who don't agree with their theology.

"unacceptable"? Have you forgotten that free expression is a hallmark of America? I thought the cartoon was funny as hell and also fair. Obama's Chamerlain routine could trigger a war that will make the Iraq cluster —– look like a skirmish.

The liberal reaction to the cartoon is strikingly similar to the Islamists reaction to any Western commentary they find offensive. Given these progressives didn't burn any buildings or kill an ambassedor but the hate within their heart toward anyone with a different viewpoint is vey apparent.

The cartoon was spot on. But, as Pres. Obama would say, "The future does not belong" to you anymore. Apparently, free speech only belongs to those too cowardly to use it.

What the hell is up with these comments?

The more reasonable and intelligent a comment is, the higher the number of dislikes.

The more moronic and ignorant a comment is, the higher the number of likes.

Well, obviously a swarm of wingnuts has visited this page. It's still incredibly disturbing and surreal to see, though.

The main problem is, the message of the cartoon isn't obvious, so the Obama bashers will twist it and say it means Obama is a muslim or something similar.

Way to go Daryl! I agree with your cartoon….and with your explanation following….
And contrary to the opinion of some…..this work of art was a smash success….judging by all the comments.
Keep up the good work.

I think it's fantastic. It's about time Obama gets a little stick. Ohhhhh and the bleeding heart liberals just hate it. BRAVO! And did yah notice that the most vitriolic attacks were by the warm and cuddly liberal women….. again fantastic, it's Barrylina touting his admiration of Isam!

on a serious note: look at the maps showing the tribal and ethnic groups in Paki and Astan and you will make an interesting discovery why they both arent our friends.

less serious note: all hail the Infidels 🙂 im proud to be one..

ohhh to Ayal, I am American and have lived in several countries around the world and deal with different cultures daily….. nobody gets along really and their biases/hatred/misconceptions are just right below the surface eerr and sometimes on the surface. ohh2: 90% of the world hates America—- 100% of American couldn't care less minus the bleeding hearts who have protested here of course 🙂

of all the above victorian era type conservativeand pacific comments the POTUS dialogue reflects the real position. if the non muslims esp jews ask 99% of muslims that question their answer will be the same as that of the Alien. To all morons who believe in the goodness of muslims-this is the reality. Some of us who have lived with muslimswhere they are in a majority conclude finally " no one can live with muslims". As a hindu from India i am very well aware of their intrinsic nuisance value and thes American leaders all the way have been real idiots in pandering toa muslim state of Pakistan ( the original nursery of islamic terrorism) and brought on the present situation including 9/11.

paragrizzly: I didn't see that at all – most of the vitriolic attacks weren't from "warm & cuddly liberal women" (how fo you know liveral women are warm & cuddly?) – they were from whom one commenter called the snobs of this board who pollute the comment board of every single one of these boards with their high-falooting arguments. Geez, don't they have jobs?

I wonder if we can make a new word for these delusion of grandeur, "I'm right & the whole world has to know what I think" trolls (*cough*Cal Peters *cough*)…something that combines Snob & Troll……….Snolls?? Trobs?? Let's get on this, people.

ANYWAY, back on topic, the cartoon was a reflection. Maybe not a clear one, but not every cartoonist is clear 100% of the time.

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