Readers Angered By My Obama Cartoon

I was inspired to draw this cartoon by President Obama’s recent television ad campaign in Pakistan, designed to quell the riots that seemed to be in response to a video that some nut posted on Youtube.  I thought the ad campaign was ridiculous, and Obama’s constant, never-ending re-affirmations of his respect for Islam are as tiresome as they are ineffective in making the Pakistanis love us more.  Considering the president as the source of the message and considering our cultural differences, this simply isn’t a message that will work with the Pakistani audience – that is the point of the cartoon.

It seems our readers’ comments focused more on my Obama-bashing, and the fact that I gave the president boobs.  Yes, Obama is indeed dressed inappropriately to be promoting Islam, again, that’s the point.  Our conservative cartoonist, Gary McCoy sent this comment:

“Intended or not, very interesting social science experiment, Daryl. You do a rare “conservative” cartoon, and though you get swarms of negative feedback, none of it contains the kind of hateful vitriol your usual left-leaning pals reserve for Eric Allie and me. Kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone though. Oh, and thanks for getting me hate-posts on a day when I didn’t even do a cartoon. I was feeling lonely there for a minute.”

The mail and the comments seemed pretty angry to me; here are some  examples …

Steven Dinero: Nope, doesnt work on so many levels. Sorry.

JaJa888: I thought Mr. Cagle was a liberal. I really hope that this is sarcasm, because otherwise the propaganda is getting to him…

Kevin Mystic-Rose Rosenthal: Pandering to the radical nut jobs. Is that your intent?

Cora Elizabeth Mason: I do not like it. It is insulting to the POTUS, not good at all, and why make him breasts?

Lissa Albert: Dems will hate it (as is evidenced here) and many will see the caustic humoreality of it. I happen to think this is brilliantly edgy!

Susan J Frary: I find it offensive. I also think it is not based on any facts, but on false perceptions. President Obama is working hard to develop peaceful relationships with many in the Middle East – failing to offend them is not easy. That is why it is called DIPLOMACY.

Rob McGrath: Not sure why his boobs are bigger than his ears.

Diane Hargreaves Talbot: You’d waste your chutzpah on this tripe? Really? Cagle? Who are you and what have you done with Daryl Cagle? Totally incendiary and inappropriate and wrong. Yuck.

Sue Hulett: Maybe you should go read his UN speech again. You seem to have misread it, or else you really are just an ass hat.

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By Daryl Cagle

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