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By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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Romney is the only person to speak the truth and no one who is part of the takers, don't like it. That means the ones who sit home collecting welfare checks instead of looking for any kind of job. Romney takes care of the seniors but will not take care of the slackers. I hope he continues to speak out and cause that slacker president to @@@@ or get off the pot.

What bothers me the most is that the 47% figure includes SS recipients as though we get a handout we didn't work for. This conflation is designed to squelch seniors who worked all their lives by making them look like the welfare nobility.

Basically, what Romney is claiming is that thanks to almost 24 years of tax cuts for job creators, all the GOP has been abel to accomplish is massive redistirbuitons of wealth to the "job creators", and the partial destruction of the Middle and working class, culminating with the Bush iI meltdown.
Romney now is hawking the same failed policies "one more time" trying to tell us that "this time it will work", unlike the three prior GOP Admintrations. which did not create jobs, just deficits.

Romney, has displayied a supreme example of how ill informed, and disconnected he truly is with understanding the plight of almost half of all Americans, as he lumps 47% of them with the actual 8% who come close to what he arrogantly described as "feeling like victims/

How many of you Faithful have looked at a graph of who are in Romeny''s 47%? CNN has one. It includes seniors on SS, families earning less than 35K who have two children, and are trying to make ends meet. single individuals earning minimum wage attempting to pay for food, tranportation, housing medical care, all who receive deductions and credits resulting in no income tax due.

Yet like a fool, Romeny claims they pay no taxes, yet they and all of us pay withholding medicare, SS, sales tax, property taxes , fees and charges for vehilce registrations. to name a few. Then to add insult to injury, he is seeking to have a 0% Capital Gains tax passed to "create a more favorable business environment" which will apply to practically all of his investment income, so perhaps next year, if he is elected, he too can become part of that 47% who he considers not worthy of worrying about.
Really, is Romney the best of what Tea Party and the remnants of the once Great GOP can come up with as a Presidental Candidate? Both Romney, Ryan, and the GOP are exactly what George Romney, Mitt's Father, was warning the Nation and the GOP against years ago. Obviously, no one listened..

Isn't it enough for the GOP's own "wealh redistirbution program that the top 10% now own 90% of all the wealth of America.? Why aren't they out creating new jobs instead of incresing their own income by 275% though high profit investments? Obviously, trickle down economics only redistributes wealth to the "job creators" along with creating massive deficits.

The GOP has become nothing more than a "Failed Party", putting winning and party first over Nation and People.

32 years of tax cuts have brought us the 16 trillion in debt starting with reagan and ending with obama and the monies we spend on welfare is peanuts compared to the waste of money both parties give out to special interest

s security recepients receive a handout 800 billion in s security and 700 billion in medicare per year where do u think the money comes from ? when it was created it was when people lived less than 70 today everybody lives over 80 3 people are working today to pay for 1 retiree check and medicare

You start off your lame comment with the liberal word: "basically". A word that means nothing. You're suck a f*& moron, that saying basically, makes it appear you know what you're saying. lol

If the GOP wins…we should send the tea party out to kick your ass just for "basically" being ignorant enough to elect this hack Hussein Obama.

You're just a lazy piece of crap, who wants to sit on your dead ass & hope your boy Obama gives you something for nothing. Meanwhile the rest of us have to work & support low-life parasites like you.

The word is "able"… spelled it "abel". Go back to your government sponsored Obama public school and learn to spell. You suck!!

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