Clint Eastwood and Imaginary Obama: 5 Funny Cartoons

Clint Eastwood’s awkward prime-time GOP convention speech last night seems to have completely upstaged Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Last night, Eastwood interviewed and scolded an empty chair where an imaginary Barack Obama said (here’s the video, if you somehow missed it).

Here are the initial reactions from a handful of our cartoonists. Expect to see many more…

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By Daryl Cagle

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22 replies on “Clint Eastwood and Imaginary Obama: 5 Funny Cartoons”

Laugh all you want, Old Clint is more powerful and influential than Obama ever thought of being. Again, O doesn't have a clue at to what makes America a success or how to grow the pie for all… it's not government. O is in way, way, way deep over his head. He was so right when he said "that's way over my pay grade." Community organizer pay is more in alignment with his aptitude. I had my hopes for him in the beginning but I've concluded that he is a great orator with a promptor and a lousy leader. A great leader finds a way to win the cooperation of those not in lock step such as Bill Clinton. To compare his administration with Bill's is a gross distortion of reality. Bill got significantly more done with both parties, especially the Reps. O doesn't influence, he alienates.

The problem with Obama is partly that he lost Ted Kennedy early. A lot of the rest of it is that he's black and no one in government actually wants a black president to succeed, be they Democrat or Republican. The Democrats in the House and Senate have fought him as much as the Republicans have. On top of that, he had nearly no experience at all when he went into office. That's why I voted for Hillary in the primary, I didn't think he'd be able to lead a thirsty horse to water. Unfortunately, I was right.

On the bright side, it looks like our first black president will not be literally assassinated, merely be handed his political head on a platter. I'll still vote for him, because I really don't want Republican idiots in charge. Democrat idiots at least have a platform I can stand, for the most part.

Yeah Amy- Why would you want a political party that wants to poison the water and air, starve your kids, let old folks die, privatize social security, re-enslave blacks, require people to earn welfare benefits and deport illegal aliens? Obama has really performed so far. We need four more years of his lack of efficiency and incompetence.

I had to stop listening to someone who is one of my personal heroes indeed pull a Heston on National Television. I felt just as sorry for Heston, and just as pissed at the "Michael Moores" in this situation.


According to BLS, the National Unemployment figure was 12.8M, not 28M. Frigging Republicans are constructing their own hell and insisting the rest of us move in (don't have enough nuclear weapons? Should stay in Afghanistan until the job is done? Our kids should keep on fighting these stupid wars until the wars are won? POTUS is a foreign agent of Moslem terrorists?

According to other sources, Clint is in the 375 Million dollar personal asset range. Sorta says what side HE's on. And with that small pittance he has, I'm sure he's suffering along with the rest of us, just like Ann Romney. Wow, what a coincidence: they both have horses.

42% of us are making less than $50,000 family income per year (2009 figures). But, hey, those are the ones who don't want to work.

Amy. Quite true. Hillary was the best candidate. However, a lot of men were simply afraid of her!

Moose girl pretty much killed McCain's chances (he did/does have a heart condition.

Obama pretty much ended up being the only game in town in the general election back then. And now, for that matter. I expect that he will do better in his second four years (as Clinton did).

Its half-time alright! Half-time in our American-Political system and end of time for Eastwood. Time to put Clint in a empty rocking chair and let him ramble on to himself. What a waste of valuable air-time.
How did the Rep's explain to their kids watching what he was saying?

Hate to see all the mean comments on Clint. Maybe hes not as sharp as earlier, but his opinion counts, and his idea of O is spot on. How many of you idiots and numskulls could get in front of a crowd and impov?

The rest of the world has a desire to survive and neither of the options offer us much hope. Ron Paul must stand as an independent … reveal and publicize the blatant lies that both the major platforms are built up.on

All we need to solve unemployment is a nuclear war with Iran? Take care of the surplus male population in both countries. That must be in our best interest since Romeny criticized Obama for "talking" about that issue and not doing anything about it. And how would he pay for that war? Just like the other 2 wars Bush started–borrow. Just like a good Republican business man in using other peoples money. Past 3 Republican presidents were businessman and borrowed over $7trillion to fund their agenda. Where were thought of our grandkids then? Oh, right, enough lawyers as president such as people like Mitt. Maybe he should quit.

You call that impov, Palajo??? Nobody is wishing harm on Eastwood, but his delivery was rambling and a waste of valuable air-time. He did not make a decent point and his numbers were proven wrong. Not to mention how Dirty Harry really was in front of kids watching too. Terrible, pathetic! Sounds like your the idiot-numskull if you can't see that.

The same people who screamed like banshees over Bush's war in Iraq are pretty silent about Obama's war in Iran…

They accuse Republicans of mocking disabled old people, disrespecting women, etc., then do just that to disabled old people, women, and any other "unfortunate" person who's in the "wrong" party.

Naw. The Republicans just let them die in agony. You know, no pot to ease the pain of cancer. Gotta love those private Republican Death Panels though. The plug get pulled on poor people pretty quickly nowadays.

I lean republican, but I thought Hillary would have been a far superior president. Just thought press was more hell bent on first black president than woman. That was a shame because she seemed to get short stick in primaries. Not sure of her age, but Obama losing could allow for another opportunity.

Oh, please. Obama bent over backwards during the health care debate to get the Republicans onboard, but they had already made up their minds to fight Obama every step of the way, no matter what…no matter what it did to the country.

Die in agony? Republican death panels? They made it clear they oppose Obamacare, emphasizing potential death panels, so I don't see how they're the ones pushing for them. I don't know any Republicans opposed to the use of medical marijuana, either. Opposed to recreational use, yes, but not medicinal use. Every Republican and Conservative I know (and yes, Democrat, too) is against Obamacare, and most worry that Obamacare means people will die. Where do you come up with this information?

maybe he's not as sharp???!!!! then what does that say about Romm-O, he chose him…. any more bright ideas GOP??!!!

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