Conservative Gun Control Cartoon Gets Readers' Attention

We’ve heard a lot about the NRA and gun control in the wake of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Lots of our cartoonists have already weighed in on the issue (check out our collection of Gun Control cartoons), but readers seem polarized by conservative cartoonist Gary McCoy’s cartoon about the call for increases gun control laws following the shooting:

Here’s a sampling of some of our readers’ comments on Facebook:

David Wilder MaGoo: Sorry, don’t see the correlation. Guns don’t fall out of the sky.

Suzanne Chiles: When it’s easier to buy 6000 rounds of ammunition than it is to buy a box of Sudafed, I’d say that yes, we probably do need some more laws concerning the ownership and operation of firearms.

Ivy C Maile Boley: you can’t make laws that make people less crazy, less mean, less marginalized – – laws are supposed to step in when society has failed to uphold our inherent cooperativeness.

Tim Campbell: Stopping deranged people from killing – (left solution) harder access to guns. Stopping teens from having sex – (right solution) harder access to birth control.

Steven Pennella: Total cheap shot considering Democrats are pro-solar power and the fossils of the GOP are pro fossil fuel.

Michael A. Cooper: Why are ALL the gun laws aimed at the law abiding and NOT the criminals?

Rick Wade: If the existing laws were enforced the situation would improve dramatically.

Bob Jones: Cartoon is a non sequitur. Guns and gun violence, unlike sunshine, are not naturally occurring phenomena.

Eric Nelson: Here’s a thought, let’s enforce our laws on the books and close loop holes for gun shows. Tax ammunition like talons out of existence and bring back an assault weapons ban. For those enthusiasts who love assault weapons, I’m sorry. Hell pot is illegal.

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By Daryl Cagle

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