Cartoonists React to Sandusky Guilty Verdict

Former assistant Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse of boys over the course of a 15-year period. He will mace a maximum sentence of 445 years in prison, where he will now spend the rest of his life.

Here are five political cartoons about the verdict and the pain and misery Sandusky has caused so many…

Randall Enos / Cagle Cartoons (click to view more cartoons by Enos)
Randy Bish / Pittsburgh Tribune- Review (click to view more cartoons by Bish)
David Fitzsimmons / Arizona Daily Star (click to view more cartoons by Fitzsimmons)
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Joe Heller / Green Bay Press-Gazette (click to view more cartoons by Heller)

By Daryl Cagle

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5 replies on “Cartoonists React to Sandusky Guilty Verdict”

Cute! Obama "sanduskied" eh? Hmmm…you seem to forget that Sandusky has close ties to Rick Santorum. No mention of conservatives being proud of their pedophile coach? Maybe a cartoon with rick santorum shaking sandusky's hand and the caption "these are the Family Values we hold so dearly": That would have been a HILARIOUS cartoon. See, it's funny because it's TRUE!

I just hope that Sandusky's cell-mate is a big, bad, well-hung animal. It may seem mean to some, but that would be JUSTICE.

What a douchebag. I don't know what else to say. Glad that the court managed to punish him for his hideous crimes.

Wonders never cease, for once in my life I have to fully agree with EASTEXASREDNECK regardng that
douchbag Sandusky, I strongly hope that Sandusky lives to a ripe old age and his cellmate is much younger and lives even longer. Also that his cellmate is twice as big and even more perverted then Sandusky and has went a long time without experiencing any female, or male companionship whatsoever. But whatever he experiences in prison will be heaven compared to when he meets his maker and receives his eternal punishment. In the bible it's stated that Jesus said that when a person harms a child in any way, better to tie a millstone around his neck, He also was famous for saying "all little children, come unto me"!

but let's not for get that as bad as this monster (and his equally culpable wife) is, Jesus DID promise forgiveness of any and all sins if only he's asked and makes a good Act of Contrition . . . but that all comes later, much later.

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