My Big, Fat Greek Collapse Cartoons

Will Greece remain in the Euro?

It’s a debate that’s flummoxing all of Europe at the moment. Leaders of the G8 industrialized nations agreed over the weekend that Greece should remain a member of the European Union, yet many, like Hungary’s finance minister, say openly that the only way forward is for Greece to leave the Euro.

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Here’s my new cartoon about the craziness in Greece, featuring a Greek statue throwing a Euro coin at German Chancellor Angela Merkel…

Whenever anyone in the U.S. thinks of Greece, century-old temples and marble statues are often the first things that come to mind. Using these visual images makes it easier to express the dire situation Greece faces without getting into the weeds of numbers and details…

Of course, all the statues have to be armless. It’s like drawing a cheating politician in his underwear – white boxers with red hearts should always be revealed when their pants drop to the ground…

By Daryl Cagle

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