Obama's Gay Marriage Evolution – Five Cartoons

President Obama’s decision to complete his “evolution” on the issue of same-sex marriage has created a media feeding frenzy, and momentarily shifted the debate from the economy and jobs.

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The timing for Obama is odd, who was obviously forced to announce his position after Vice President Joe Biden openly supported same-sex marriage on “Meet the Press” on Sunday. I bet gay voters in North Carolina would have appreciated Obama’s support sooner, rather than wait until the day after the state voted to ban all same-sex marriages and civil unions.

This will obviously be a huge issue in this campaign, so you can expect a lot of cartoons on the subject. Here are some initial reactions about Obama’s metamorphosis, including my own…

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By Daryl Cagle

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5 replies on “Obama's Gay Marriage Evolution – Five Cartoons”

Those who support gay marriage will get out and vote too — so get out and vote!

This should be strictly a civil rights issue. People shouldn't have to weigh in on weather they think being gay is right or wrong. The problem is with the gay community and their insistance that it be called marriage. If they would just let it be called a civil union and be granted the same rights people would be more willing to accept. But NOOO they want it all and shove it down people's throat that they are the same as marriage, so the longer it drags on is Their fault. I was raised by my parents and my church that its wrong and its taken me awhile to accept it. But its not about what I think about gay being right or wrong. I will defend their right to equal and fair protection under the law and if they can't accept that GET OVER IT. Go to a gay wedding and ask whose the bride and whose the groom, its not the same so stop pretending it is. Be glad that people want you to have equal rights.

I agree with some of your points, Steve. The homosexuals want what they do to be called marriage. But it isn't the same and never will be. I once saw a sign that said, Homosexual behavior isn't the same as marriage. As far as I'm concerned, that says it all. To me, a Christian conservative, it's disgusting that homosexuals want to call their thing marriage.
It's just like some homosexuals thinking the Boy Scouts should be changed to accommodate them. Get a life. Part of the Scout Oath or Promise speaks about being morally clean, morally straight. Homosexuality will never be moral, regardless of what President "evolves" around to. The man sitting in the White House has a personal agenda: to rip the fabric of this Country until it is something entirely different. Americans who believe in God and the Bible must stand up and make their voices known.

Last I checked, I believe that all three of them did. Jesus, of course, stated that a rich man is less likely to go to heaven than a camel (or cord/rope) pass through the eye of a needle. Obviously the top 1% are overwhelmingly going to Hell, taking their sycophants with them. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

Just another trick to divert attention from the lousy job Obama is doing.

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