Cartoonist Weighs In On Ann Romney's 'Tough Choices'

Late last week, Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen unleased a firestorm of criticism on Twitter when she said it was wrong for Mitt Romney to be using his wife Ann as his guide to women’s economic struggles because she “had never worked a day in her life.”

The Romney campaign quickly spun the incient as an attack on stay-at-home moms, creating some cover from the “war on women” moniker Democrats have tagged Romney and the GOP with.

This cartoon by John Cole, the cartoonist at the Scranton Times-Tribune, has received a lot of traffic and feedback, both positive and negative, from our readers…

I asked John to comment on the cartoon, and here’s what he said:

Rosen’s comments unleashed one of those tidal surges of political spin that one only sees in an election year. I personally don’t think she insulted stay-at-home moms, but that’s another argument.

What I found and continue to find hilarious are the repeated, stumbling attempts by Mitt Romney (and now his wife, Anne) to portray himself as the Average Joe (and now Josephine). They’re obviously not. That said, I hope they keep the act up; it’s provided great fodder for many a cartoonist.

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By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

12 replies on “Cartoonist Weighs In On Ann Romney's 'Tough Choices'”

I am ultraconservative. I thought the cartoon was hilarious. Of course, it is just more liberal demorat tripe.

It is just more of the left's war on women. I am former Air Force, still a working nurse and a mom and grandmom. The toughest and most important job I've had is being a mom. Hilary has not a clue. Work used to be a little bit of a mental break. It's tough but wonderful being a mom. The left has devalued life so they really don't get it. The mom thing is 24/7. You don't leave it behind when you go to work. If you don't work outside the home you still work. All those commenting up above probably would not last a week raising 5 boys. They would be exhausted. I wasn't a fan of Ann's before but I am now! This foolish comment by Hilary brought to light what Ann's done. My hat's off to her. It also made me look up Rosen. She and her partner adopted twins but evidently both continued to work. She and her partner are no longer living together. Don't know who's raising the twins. Maybe, hired nannies? The public school system? Who knows.

Hilary Rosen is not "the left." What she said is true: a rich mother who has never been employed or worked for wages does not know what those who do take jobs in the formal economy do know about ordinary economic conditions.

I think stay at home moms should be paid a wage, with benefits. We could pay for this by repealing the 120 billion a year subsidy to the wealthy drug industry. Let's reward parents who raise their kids and treat this work with respect, as a real job, with real wages and benefits.

Ann Romney has had nannies, cooks, cleaning ladies, gardeners, chauffeurs, etc etc. Her experience is nothing like that of most mothers, 70% of whom MUST find outside employment to pay the bills, due to the decline in median wages by 30% in the past 30 years. MOst women do not have the choice of staying home. The rich are different. They can hire others to do the work. Where is the dignity in that?

I think the cartoon is funny and on target. And those who've pointed out the absurdity of Mitt Romney trying to pass himself off as a regular guy, and even in the ranks of the unemployed, is pretty hilarious too.

I had a stay at home mom when I was a kid. She was more like a stay at home housekeeper. When she went back to work outside the house she then went back to working all day.

you totally missed the point samantha,and if you think going back to the people who caused this mess is he answer go vote for em. But thank-you for taking responsibility for raising your kids,but stop acting like people on the right(or the far wrong is more accurate) are the only ones who are responsible parents

To ALL the DemoRATS and Cartoon Dumbells, When Barak Obama run for the presidency, his family was off limits. All of the sudden, when a republican runs, all his family is FAIR GAME. What does this tell you about all the Cartoonists, They don't have the guts (B_l_s) to be fair OR they have an agenda. YOU decide. Do you want to live in a free society or the NEW rome of the DIVIDED STATES OF THE FORMER uSa.

In case no one has noticed, Michelle Obama has had all the things that Ann Romney had. But that's ok, she is a liberal.

Of course Michelle had to work for these things before her marriage, Ann merely had to marry them.

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