My Daughter Arrested During Occupy Oakland Crackdown

Last night, my daughter, cartoonist Susie Cagle, was arrested as she was covering the Occupy Oakland protests.

UPDATE #4: Susie appeared on ABC7 News to talk about her arrest:

UPDATE #3: Susie has been released from Santa Rita, but she has been charged with misdemeanor “present at raid.” According to Susie, she had her press pass in full view when she was arrested, and one of the Oakland Police Department officers even recognized her and knew her comics.

UPDATE #2: Susie has been “signed out” of Santa Rita, but it’s still an indefinite amount of time before she is released.

Susie is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County, California, charged with unlawful assembly, even though she was there covering the event and had a press badge. Obviously, they took her phone when she was arrested, but you can follow updates on her Twitter feed, @Susie_C. It’s being updated by her friend Joel Kraut (@myunderpants).

I’ll keep you posted as I know more.


One of Susie's sketches.

As many of you know, my daughter, cartoonist Susie Cagle, has been covering the Occupy Oakland protests. Last week, she was teargassed when police attempted to prevent a peaceful march of Occupy Oakland protesters from walking to the police department.

Last night, Susie was arrested along with dozens more, according to police. She’s been spending time at Occupy Oakland as part of her graphic series of the movement, which she funded through Spot.Us.

She’s not the first journalist to be arrested trying to cover Occupy movements. Nashville Scene reporter Jonathan Meador was one of two dozen or so people arrested by Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers at Occupy Nashville. And just yesterday, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Kristyna Wentz-Graff was arrested covering an Occupy rally.

Here is her Twitter stream from last night:

#occupyoakland going to north county jail

#occupyoakland arrested in wagon now

#occupyoakland sounds like they are declaring unlawful assembly at north end of plaza

#occupyoakland oh and suddenly I’m on the other side of the police line, in the plaza, where assembly was supposed to be allowed

#occupyoakland Occupiers possibly holding another building here. Police are lining up on north side of plaza.

#occupyoakland At 16 and San Pablo now, under police helicopter lights. Wonder what this looks like from the plaza.

#occupyoakland listening to police radio as they point out their targets in the crowd 2 blocks south

#occupyoakland San Leandro coming in on OPD relief at 17 & Telegraph

#occupyoakland cops pointing at me, oh great

#occupyoakland being blocked by police at 17 and Telegraph. “is the jail going to be able to handle this?” over radio

#occupyoakland three minutes to leave, police: “mask up!!”

#occupyoakland first gas of the night? Big bang, “unlawful assembly” announcement

#occupyoakland Far more tear gas masks on cops here tonight than broken windows in downtown

#oaklandstrike bus fulls of police in riot gear heading south on broadway just a few blocks

#occupyoakland nearly run over by black bloc pushing dumpster into growing barricade. Also wood pallets, tires, newspaper boxes.

#occupyoakland 16th street barricaded by trash cans now, police copter circles lower and lower.

#occupyoakland Raheim Brown Free School & Community Center. Guessing this is what my source meant by the 2nd library

#occupyoakland banners unfurled from the roof declare the building a free school & community center

#occupyoakland “they didn’t break into it, they had the keys” says crowd

I’ll post more as I know more. In the meantime, follow her on Twitter @Susie_C.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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Wow–your daughter is amazing! What a great show of her character. You done good, Daryl!

Because the Tea-Party came to events with permission, did not put up tents and sleep over, and picked up their trash. 

Because the Tea-Party came to events with permission, did not put up tents and sleep over, and picked up their trash. 

“Rapes, sexual assault, drugs, you name it, the Occupy crowd has it.” You’re sure?
So which of those are you accusing Susie Cagle accused of having done?
Or are you claiming that, because there were supposed to have been “Rapes, sexual assault, drugs, you name it, the Occupy crowd has it,” that it’s OK to arrest journalists as well?

Meet the 99%: Agitators, Racists and Rapists

This is the headline of a website, article by Doug Giles.

1. According to Wikipedia “An agitator is a person who actively supports some ideology or movement with speeches and especially actions.”  In other words, anyone actively exercising First Amendment rights is an agitator.

2. Re racism: this is based on a situation in which a Denver cop on a motorcycle drives right into a group of protesters; then one guy pushes the motorcycle over.  The cop does not even fall down but keeps his feet and chases down the pusher along with 10 other cops.  The man is arrested.  Where is the racism.  Here is how the Giles article describes the “racist” element: 

” Yep, a black (as in African American) police officer got pushed over by a white (as in honky, gringo, pasty skin, Caucasian) Occupy protestor.”

  He gives no justification for calling this racism or thereby characterizing he 99% as “racists.”  Is the suggestion that if the cop had been white, the pushing would not have happened?  

Here is a sample response from a reader named Gary: 

“don’t forget that the flea-bagging protestors, Obama and democRATS has embraced the Nazi Party, their sending a love and kisses to the Nazi Party, this has shown proof that Racism can only be seen in the democRATic party, being that the Nazi Party gets a lot of their ideas from the KKK Party, the Nazi Party also contributes a lot of hatred and violence towards Blacks, Jews, Asian Americans, and other minorities. I don’t know why Adolf Obama hates Jews and Blacks.”

3.Rapists.  The article writes quotes the Post quoting an unidentified woman: 

“And as the NY POST reports, some of these crimes have gone unreported to the police…
                A sex fiend barged into a woman’s tent and sexually assaulted her at around 6 a.m., said protesters, who chased him from the park.
               “Pervert! Pervert! Get the f–k out!” said vigilante Occupiers, who never bothered to call the cops.
               “They were shining flashlights in his face and yelling at him to leave,” said a woman who called herself Leslie, but refused to give her real name….”

What is not mentioned is that the sex assaulter was later spotted by the protesters and the police arrested him. 

 A man who has been linked to two sexual assault charges in Zuccotti Park has been arrested. 26-year-old Tonye Iketubosin of Crown Heights allegedly raped an 18-year-old woman from Massachusetts early Saturday morning, and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old woman on October 25th. According to the Wall Street Journal, he has been charged with third-degree sexual abuse, and the DA’s office states that charges related to the alleged rape are “pending…..After word had spread of the alleged assaults, Iketubosin was told not to come to kitchen meetings and to stay away from the park, “but he kept coming.” Sibbing said that around 9 p.m. last night “a whole bunch of people came and made him leave the park. Then the NYPD picked him up.”
So the OWS protesters chased him out of the park and notified police who arrested him.  Parks in all major cities attract sexual predators.  This has nothing to do with the OWS protest other than that a group of  young people in a park at night are sharing space with some unsavory sorts.  The job of the police is to protect those exercising First Amendment rights.  

Therefore, the  Townhall headline that the 99% are agitators, racists, and rapists is a fascist lie attempting to discredit a legitimate non-violent protest movement.  It is also worth remembering that major protest movements, including the civil rights movement and anti-war movement and anti-globalizaiton movements have documented cases of police infiltration to incite violence and thus discredit protesters.  This is the way that the police state rather than protecting people exercising their rights attempt to crush them.  (Look up agents provocateur in Wikepedia or any other source). is full of rightwing hatred, lies, and racism.  I have subscribed for several months and am horrified at the fear-mongering and open fascist discussions.  One reader wrote:  “Shoot them all.”
This is Brownshirt mentality and the Townhall articles, such as Giles’, provoke such fascist responses.  

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