My Daughter Was Tear-Gassed at Occupy Oakland

My daughter, cartoonist Susie Cagle, was teargassed on Tuesday and had to avoid rubber bullets fired by Oakland police.


My daughter, cartoonist Susie Cagle, was teargassed on Tuesday and had to avoid rubber bullets fired by Oakland police attempting to prevent a peaceful march of Occupy Oakland protesters from walking to the police department. Susie shot the iPhone video above.

“As I crouched down to protect myself, a teargas canister rolled right under my face and exploded,” she told The Daily Crosshatch. She’s been spending time at Occupy Oakland as part of her graphic series of the movement, which she is funding through Spot.Us.

Susie Cagle Occupy Oakland police tear gass
A sketch from Susie's Occupy Oakland graphic series.

She’s also decided to change the original scope of her series:

Yeah. It’s going to have to be totally different now. It was going to be a five-part piece about how different Occupy Oakland is from the rest of the occupation. When the camp was up, it was very different. They were primarily concerned with creating this functional mini-city, rather than doing focused protests and actions, which is very different than the other ones. They spent more time trying to figure out how to feed everyone and building a kids’ area, and a library and a community garden. That’s what they were spending their time on.

Read the entire interview here.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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This is not true. Several local GOP/TPs here in Florida said they’d seen on Faux News that the protesters were throwing rocks and such and the police did nothing.  

Susie, I’m sorry, but those Occupy people are violent socials and you had best not be seen with them if you ever want to run for office on the Tea Potty ticket. 

– Robin

Fux Noise lied, as usual. There has not been even ONE video of anyone throwing anything at the pigs, at least not before being viciously attacked. And I’m not sure what a “violent social” is, but I did see a few protesters in NY playing the violin and cello. The cello is enough to freak anyone out.

Fux Noise lied, as usual. There has not been even ONE video of anyone throwing anything at the pigs, at least not before being viciously attacked. And I’m not sure what a “violent social” is, but I did see a few protesters in NY playing the violin and cello. The cello is enough to freak anyone out.

Isn’t it amazing the “conservatives” that claim to be “strict constructionist” of the constitution don’t have a clue when the first amendment applies to an opponent.

 So the protesters can just stay on public property and act like they own it forever? Having the police using tear gas to remove the protesters is what OWS wants. These kids are being used as pawns by manipulative people to achieve money,fame and publicity for staging a circus of every leftwing cause on earth. It was Adbusters,,Micheal Moore,Prisonplanet and other that are the ones responsible for Susie Cagles tear gas.

Like I said, if the rhetoric sounds like (Godwin’s law says I cannot say Hitler) Mussolini, it is probably born of the same fascist roots.  The logic of justifying killing those who dissent first promotes a rhetoric of dehumanization:  Jews are vermin; hippies are filthy animals; protesters are dogs.

The next step is to attack those dehumanized.  The next step is arrest and then murder becomes acceptable.

When I hear human beings who are exercising their First Amendment rights non-violently described as animals, I call it out:  hey, that’s how fascists talk!  Kevin has demonstrated why  the comparisons to the fascists continue to be made.  The discourse of fascism is to divide humanity into the worthy and the unworthy, the human and the vermin.  This discourse, whatever name you attach to it, is alive and well in America.  

The left once made the mistake, after police brutality, of calling the cops pigs (well, what do you call an armed man who beats a young girl?), but today, the OWS, seeking to prevent dividing the 99% into fighting factions chants:  The police are the 99% and Give the Police a raise! 

 Ghandi is smiling in his grave.  ” First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Those who learn from history are able to avoid repeating the same mistakes.  

I can’t resist quoting from Mussolini’s The Doctrine of Fascism (1932): 

“. Fascism is therefore opposed to Socialism to which unity within the State (which amalgamates classes into a single economic and ethical reality) is unknown, and which sees in history nothing but the class struggle.Fascism is likewise opposed to trade unionism as a class weapon……
 After socialism, Fascism trains its guns on the whole block of democratic ideologies, and rejects both their premises and their practical applications and implements. Fascism denies that numbers, as such, can be the determining factor in human society; it denies the right of numbers to govern by means of periodical consultations; it asserts the irremediable and fertile and beneficent inequality of men who cannot be leveled by any such mechanical and extrinsic device as universal suffrage. Democratic regimes may be described as those under which the people are, from time to time, deluded into the belief that they exercise sovereignty, while all the time real sovereignty resides in and is exercised by other and sometimes irresponsible and secret forces….
     Fascism is definitely and absolutely opposed to the doctrines of liberalism, both in the political and the economic sphere…… The Fascist negation of socialism, democracy, liberalism, should not, however, be interpreted as implying a desire to drive the world backwards.”  “The Socialists ask what is our program? Our program is to smash the heads of the Socialists.”

When we hear the right demonizing liberals, disparaging democracy, and calling union members thugs, remember where this kind of rhetoric began and where it leads if not called out and checked.

Many rightwingers called FDR a fascist.  Here is FDR articulating his vision of how fascism would come to America: 

Franklin D. Roosevelt in an April 29, 1938 message to Congress warned that the growth of private power could lead to fascism:”The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism—ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.[53][54][55]From the same message:The Growing Concentration of Economic Power. Statistics of the Bureau of Internal Revenue reveal the following amazing figures for 1935: “Ownership of corporate assets: Of all corporations reporting from every part of the Nation, one-tenth of 1 percent of them owned 52 percent of the assets of all of them.”The OWS is a protest against this rising tide of American fascism, in which the corporations dominate government and the rich own a wildly disproportionate amount of the national wealth, while half the people have no wealth at all.  

Those who ordered the tear gas to be used are the guilty parties, not those who encouraged the protesters to assert their First Amendment rights.  This is blaming those who advocate dissent for the acts of the police.  Some of us are not kids.  The Occupy movement involves people of all colors and ages and backgrounds.  

Those who believe in First Amendment rights are supporting the protesters. 

Blaming Michael Moore or Alex Jones for the teargassing is just dishonest.  This is an excuse for police brutality.  If you have ever faced armed and hysterical police at a demonstration you would never make the lying claim that  being attacked is “what OWS wants.”  

Police brutality may in fact help the movement grow, but anyone who protests non-violently and faces the weapons of the police state is not dying to get shot or gassed. What the non-violent resisters desire is to change the thinking of those who oppose them and to win the support of those who witness their courage.  What a vicious lie Elomeno asserts from the safety of his anonymous computer against those facing the brutal force of the police state!!  Oh, they want to be shot and beaten, he thinks.  Jesus Christ on a crutch!

I personally blame George Soros and Michael Moore  and of course Susie herself, who wanted to get gassed.  By no means are the police, or the police state, responsible.  It is the victims who willed the police to assault them.  

I’m not saying this sounds like Hitler (don’t want to get arrested for violating Godwin’s law) but it does sound like what bullies always say:  she brought it on herself.  That guy (the one who applauded the protesters in NY) caused it.  They had it coming.

Fascism (which loves to attack dissenters and then blame them for the attack) is the preferred approach of bullies.  All those reactionaries who pretend to object to the government (when it helps the poor) defend it when it attacks those exercising their basic rights.  The government is evil, but the police state cannot be blamed for attacking protesters who wish to be attacked.

Such Mad Hatter logic shows the true face of the so-called conservatives:  they hate pacifists (as did Mussolini, who loved war) and defend the police state when it assaults them. 

Why were they going to the police department????  What do the police have to do with the movment?Sounds like they were planning to start things.  I kept watching the video and it looks llike a mob running toward the police…..what to they expect to happen?   It seems there are many in the movement who don’t like just camping out….they want some action!!  Many OWS are instigators not protestors.

the police are acting like they are imitating the mid-east military.  They are totally brainwashed or totally owned by local republican government and the rich.   I hope some of them decide to remember their oaths to defend people.

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