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Murdoch Paper and Cartoonist Criticized Over ‘Disgusting’ Cartoon

What are your thoughts about this political cartoon drawn by Peter Brookes of the Murdoch-owned Times of London?

A cartoon by Peter Brookes, the staff cartoonist for the Murdoch-owned Times of London, is getting criticized for a cartoon he drew addressing the ongoing coverage of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

Peter Brookes cartoon in the Murdoch-owned Times of London (click to enlarge).

In a cartoon titled “Priorities,” Brookes drew a group of starving Somalians, with one saying, “I’ve had a bellyful of phone-hacking…”

One could argue that Brookes is making a legitimate point about the media’s focus on Murdoch, and its lack of coverage on other important issues, including a horrendous famine in the Horn of Africa. Brookes himself wasn’t available for comment today, but I hope to add his views as soon as I can.

The cartoon seems to echo comments made by several Conservative members of Parliament that the debate in the House of Commons on the phone hacking scandal was a big distraction from more important issues. As MP Peter Lilly noted, “I am only sorry that we are not being recalled to discuss the problems of the eurozone, the slowdown in the world economy in the face of higher energy prices, and the famine in east Africa.”

Regardless, Twitter went ablaze with critics like NPR’s Louisa Lim, who noted the cartoon is crude and tasteless, and “comes off as pro-Murdoch propaganda.” The BBC’s Robert Rea also chimed in, claiming that the cartoon “implies focusing on corruption allows famine to go unchecked.” Solange Uwimana, writer and editor for Media Matters, said he has no words for the cartoon, but thought that “Murdoch and all his minions couldn’t be any more depraved.”

Others were more balanced. British photographer Russell Cavanagh said the cartoon is an attention-getter, and that “sometimes the truth is tasteless.” And Rob Crilly, a reporter for The Telegraph newspaper in London, said, “I don’t know why people are upset by The Times cartoon today. Be shocked–but not at the pic.”

What do you think of the cartoon? Fair or foul?

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

70 replies on “Murdoch Paper and Cartoonist Criticized Over ‘Disgusting’ Cartoon”

Depends on how you do it.
You can do it constitutionally, or you get your buddies to give you a sweetheart deal. Bribery, extortion (easy if you’ve been tapping politicians’ phones), etc.
The latter is illegal.

Aren’t you going to even try to defend your point using your lack of understanding of the issues?

Or how paranoid conservatives are.  Or how they won’t take responsibility for their foul action.  Or how always blame someone else while feigning innocence.  Or how they think they are above the law.

Chris….you have nothing.  Repeating “you cut and paste” is in effect, cutting and pasting your previous evasions.

geoff, I’ve seen the cut/paste remark before. I’m guessing that this is another right wing written canard. 

The main issue here is, in fact, the idea that politics is being moved by what muckrakers do.  We had it with Hearst and others a hundred years ago in this country and it even sent us to war.  We’ve had other people in our history, with no legitimate authority to gather hurtful ‘facts’ like J. Edgar Hoover, who used those tidbits to manipulate government.  Here, we have more muckrakers who, using Hoover tactics, were caught in the act of gathering information through illegal means.  The invasion, in each case, is immoral, if not illegal. 

The juiciest part, of course, is the fact that the stain is now being pursued over here.  I have no doubt that when Rupe calls Pete King, who is, unfortunately, my Congressman, and tries to kill the investigation, that there is something big going on.  Imagine, a newspaper owner calling a Congressman to kill an investigation!  But, that is the price we are paying when private business has an agenda which includes controlling government and flouting the law.

geoff, we know that Dan Rather was set up for telling the truth.  What these clowns are doing is a version of espionage, directed at individuals rather than government or business.  Justifying it is getting harder for the right by the day.  Normally, they’d be outraged at the whole affair but, because it is NewsCorp and Rupe and potentially, Faux News, they are just aflame. They are staring at the apocalypse.  Faux might have to be sold or control ceded and it will go straight. 

As numerous criminals have attempted…some successfully, there is never a better defense than a good offense.  Every bit of the Murdoch empire is fighting back at the revelation that they are just a bunch of unprincipled criminals in expensive suits.  Now, with the leadership from the top in a confused state, each metastasis in the Empire is trying to fight the disease.  The cartoon is what one attempt looks like.  Billo’s idiotic comments (too lazy to link) are another.

As numerous criminals have attempted…some successfully, there is never a better defense than a good offense.  Every bit of the Murdoch empire is fighting back at the revelation that they are just a bunch of unprincipled criminals in expensive suits.  Now, with the leadership from the top in a confused state, each metastasis in the Empire is trying to fight the disease.  The cartoon is what one attempt looks like.  Billo’s idiotic comments (too lazy to link) are another.

“The UK press NEVER does a good job of reporting European politics and rarely covers Africa outside of huge disasters.”
I’d question that. The BBC does have global coverage, the Guardian & Independent certainly pay attention to a lot of low-level politics. I haven’t seen the “Times” in ages and avoid all the tabloids, but… relative to anyone in the US (NYT, networks), they’re not bad.

“we know that Dan Rather was set up for telling the truth.”
Yeah; and the big question was always whether Karl Rove was involved there, somehow.

Bob, Dan Rather should have at least checked the source of the letter about Bush.  In his haste and probably elation he and the editors immediately reported it and published the letter.  Now without saying whether I believe the letter to be true, as a military retiree I could immediately see that it was not written by anyone familiar with miltary correspondence.  So whether it was true or not, apparent falsehood of the souce of the letter cast a great of doubt over the whole issue.

So was Dan Rather set up for “telling the truth”.  No, he and probably his editors were so elated at receiving information damaging the Bush they reported the story with very little verification.

No, if there was such a letter Karl Rove wouldn’t have wanted it to see the light of day.

Interesting that CBS (A pillar of the MSM) let him go. Oh well, once an anchorman becomes part of the story, they lose their credibility. Wish we still had great anchors like Edward R. Murrow, Llowell Thomas, and Walter Kronkite around. They may have had their bias, but they sure never let it become the story.

What did I cut and paste, besides your comments?
My use of the word “scumbag” reflects my opinions regarding a certain scumbag.
“When Dan Rather tried to throw and election….. ” According to… the Ann Coulter quote at the top of the other thread?

“Unlike liberals, conservative do not receive newsletters containing talking points to repeat ad nauseum.” What a joke.
“We just respond to reality.” LOL. See below.

24 hour news has just sped things up: too many mistakes because there’s too much pressure to race to get something on before it’s scooped by the competition. They jumped the gun (Robert Harris did a great overview of the Hitler Diaries fiasco in “Selling Hitler” which was made into a great comedy film: “Schtonk”).

Thing is, although the letter was fake, it reflected the George W. Bush military record as it can best be reconstructed.  Problem is that apparently a lot of GWB’s military records were ‘lost,’ just like the DWI records were ‘lost.’   Most likely somebody should be going to jail.

“Once an anchorman becomes part of the story, they lose their credibility.”
You’re just figuring that out, now?
And your analogy falls apart with Lowell Thomas: he was too much part of too many of his stories, from TE Lawrence on.

Yep. DWI, cocaine (although he claimed he couldn’t even remember if he’d ever tried any). Laura killed her ex-boyfriend in a car accident. Rumours about George W being gay (remember that whole Jeff Gannon thing?).
All very, very strange.

Jim, he was set up. The fact that the Roves and the rest of that crowd were blindingly quick to respond accurately as to the validity of the document proves it for me. Now we have that twerp OKeefe as his successor. Is there no low these scum will go to?

Nope, I was well aware of that before the liberal collusion of the MSM. Oh, and those who were on that journolist.

Yes, he was set up, Jim.  The letter was a fake and it was manipulated in such a way as to disguise the provenance of it.  It was done on one piece of paper and then photocopied to hide such things as watermarks which would have betrayed the whole sham in a minute. 

The truth about w is detailed in other places on this thread. 

Here’s the real topper: if you can’t win by telling the truth and not cheating, why do you think you should?  I’m leaving the query up in the air.  If you challenge, I’ll start listing my bases.  You don’t want to.

Tommy, the unfortunate part of the non-right mindset is that they would rather avoid than face controversy.  I am actually appalled by that. 

Take a look at Vitter and Ensign, for example.  Until Ensign was forced by the Senate ethics probe to resign, he didn’t.  Meanwhile, Spitzer resigned for what Vitter did and Weiner was just texting and sexting. 

The mindset is different.  There’s no need to delve deeper.  It is right there flashing in bright lights.

Yep those 2 along with SC Governor Sanford were as bad as edwards, weenie, spitzer, bubba, and gary hart.  

gooffy rarely comprehends. He gets on a very narrow tangent and runs with it regardless of accuracy. He has to get his 50-100 comments in each day to get paid from soreass.

Aw come on Chris.  I’m not some kind of rube.  Everyone gets newsletters and emails and other propaganda whether they are from the right or the left. 

The cut and paste accusation is baseless.  geoff happens to agree with someone, a concept that needs explanation.

One of the things the Daily Show loves to do is to take 5 right wing characters and simply string their identical comments on an issue together (like that phony “job creators” nonsense).  The voice inflection even matches!  They get talking points.  Rove used to do them.  Ailes creates them for Fox in concert with Murdoch (until the current crisis…now it appears that there is serious disarray) .  Limbaugh sometimes originates them and phones up NewsCorp.  They all line up.  That’s how its done.  It is literally, the way they like to think.  This isn’t an insult, it is a fact.  Read John Dean’s “Conservatives Without Conscience” for a better, study-based discussion.  An illustration occurred a few years ago.  Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) was a deciding vote on a bill…I don’t remember what it was but I know it was shortly before he retired.  He was compelled to vote with his caucus and literally came to the well of the Senate and was actually crying because he HAD to vote the way he did!  He was torn between his leadership and his conscience.  The leadership won.  Dems don’t do that which is why the ‘vetoproof majority’ in the Senate was such a mirage.

Listening to the so called MSM and MSNBC, there are multiple views on display, often at odds with each other.  Sure, you can pick a thread out of it that you like but there are no daily policy reads such as those on the right.  Your saying there are simply doesn’t make it so. 

What I do is listen, research, listen some more and find the version of the facts that seems to be valid (nobody is telling the whole universe of the truth) and make up my mind.  geoff is doing the exact same thing.  We are probably both liberals but that does not put us in lockstep.

Find the edit button, please.  I can’t figure out any of that.  I assume you are referring the the Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman.  If he
has mentioned firearms in his column, I probably wouldn’t recall any
difference in his position from mine.

But, since I discern a subject here, I will remind you that I am emphatically opposed to the right of anyone in this country to purchase or carry concealed weapons without a specific and direct threat to their persons or for a business need.  I am also opposed to any weapons that can be fired multiply like an assault weapon.  I am not thrilled with but support the right to bear long barrel weapons which require single cockings to fire, similar to the capability of legitimate hunting weapons and all weapons available in 1789. It is, incidentally, Nobel Laureate and 44th US President Barack Hussein Obama’s stated position.  Thought I’d kick that in because the right has distorted his position. 

Let’s finish the story:

I cut and pasted your #1 and #2.  How’d I do?

I just cut and pasted YOU on your defense of that Aussie scum. You left off the part about the ones that got arrested and the ones who appear to have lied.  geoff need not cut or paste to provide the truth but you feel the need to bully him with an extraneous comment.  Not going to fly even if Tommy will back you up.  Tommy, stop hitting the “like” button, read it first.

Yep that was the putz. After barry, arafat, carter, and algore llc, we all know the nobel prize is just about as note worthy as “World’s Greatest Fisherman”. I think another “Set-Up” may have occurred when NYC Mayor Bloomberg quickly assumed the Times Sqare bomber was a disgruntled TEA Party Activist.

Guess you don’t care much for me then. I have every caliber and gauge covered except 40 & 50 cal. (Although I am looking at a Barrett made in TN.) Better investments than gold.

And barry promptly sold it on e-bay, and replaced it with one saying “The bucks never stop. Let’s print more.” 

Apparently GWB had been stopped a few times under DWI in Texas.  All such official records then miraculously ‘disappeared,’ making it a crime under Texas law.  The Chappaquidick records did not disappear.

Just like the barry/leahy/eric witch hunt, NOT GUILTY until convicted. Looks like insufficient evidence on teddy and GWB.

Nope, pretty sure most of that debt has W’s name on it.

I seem to recall a couple of wars,unaffordable tax cuts and dumb Medicare additions. That is a third of the total we owe right there.

Oh not at all. I just know good investments. The aftermarket on 40 cal isn’t nearly as good as 380, 9 MM, and 45 ACP. Also you need a specific breed on the 50 cal. It is more for us experts.

Yep, and all expenditures covered in the beginning and ending deficits during the GWB Admin.

Oh plenty while she was alive. She always got me new handkerchefs and underwear for my birthday.

I found this image on the mark.  While the topic of phone hacking is true news, the overwhelming coverage didn’t allow for coverage of other topics.  Luckily outlets such as Public Radio cover all the topics so one can still hear what is going on in the world, not just in one location.

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