Florida Cartoonist Looks Back at Shuttle Program

Take a look at the end of the Space Shuttle program through the pen of Jeff Parker, the cartoonist for the Space Coast newspaper Florida Today

No cartoonist has been more on the front lines of the end of the Space Shuttle program that Jeff Parker, the cartoonist for the Space Coast newspaper Florida Today. Jeff has covered the space shuttle program for years, and we thought it was worth a look back at some of his more pivotal cartoons.

By Daryl Cagle

Daryl Cagle is the founder and owner of Cagle Cartoons, Inc. He is one of the most widely published editorial cartoonists and is also the editor of The Cagle Post.

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Obamas ending of the shuttle program is a very vivid image of what he is doing to America. He is taking the USA into the toilet of the world as he did our space program.

The shuttle program, which was scheduled for mandatory retirement in 2011, saw the final launch with Atlantis launching on July 8, 2011, in accord with the directives President George W. Bush issued in the Vision for Space Exploration.
People have short memories

read this morning on a Russian news site that a ISS supply ship they
launched last week missed its target and was lost. With the last launch
of the space shuttle today we now have to rely on Russia for taxi
service to the space station. Coincidentally they just raised the fare
for US astronauts by $14 million. Some space partners we got.About like
our security partnership with Pakistan.

Ray I’M upset that corrupt government has cost America the lead in so many fields but it’s the work of the whole federal district not just the most recent scapegoat.

By Obama, I assume you mean Bush.  The retirement order for the space shuttles was signed by Bush.  In the end it doesn’t matter who signed the final notice.  NASA says they can’t fly indefinitely and it’s time to retire them.  They’re already way past their expected life span.  Would you want to fly into space in an over 30 year old craft?

Andy…, I agree, it is not just Obama, it has been going on a long time. His team is just more overt than the other guys. They are all in it together apparently. They all including the establishment Repubs appear to be terrified of the genuinely conservative members of Congress. Crying John and Lying Mitch pretend to be,but they are the flip side of the Dem coin.

Is the age that important? The important thing is that the gubmint gives work to the lowest bidder. B-52s are still flying and I saw them over Nam in 66. 

Ray, sure the shuttle program created jobs and new technologies which then were commercialized by the private sector to create millions of new jobs!  And sure, Bush signed off on ending the program, as part of his free market incentive to let the private sector take over space exploration!  But you seem to be calling for government socialism, which is what NASA is.  

When socialist/commies like Ray decry the privatization of space exploration, they reveal their unAmerican ideology.  Where is George Bush now that we need  him to remind us of the evils of Big Government (he only doubled the debt)?  

Some say: Government doesn’t create jobs (astronauts do not have jobs, nor police nor firemen); it only creates  the technologies and innovations which create industries which create jobs. 

I say NASA was socialism and therefore a stain on our freedom, a path to tyranny….or at least velcro.  Good riddance.  And other than the view, what does it offer.  Let the Russians waste their money propping up their crumbling space program.  We need to cut spending like NASA so we can continue to give tax breaks to the billionaire job-creators (a job in Thailand is still a job, isn’t it?).

I will miss the space program.  It was the stimulus for science clubs in many schools due to its use of all disciplines of science.  The drama of a liftoff cannot be beat, and the original excitement of the program was one unifying aspect of U.S. achievements.  The cost was never as much as detractors would have you believe, either.  The program, shared by numerous countries and their scientists, maintained relationships in spite of foolish government squabbling.

while I am sad to see the space shuttles go, I think it might of been time for them to retire. The shuttles are an amazing feat of ingenuity, intelligence, and courage. It was aging vehicle that will leave behind a legacy. Unfortunately, and this is the part that I don’t understand, is the lack of a replacement program or vehicles. I know we have big goals in the next 20 years, however we don’t have anything planned out in the next few years. 

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